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GeneDx, LLC, is an industry leader in genomics and genetic testing. For over 20 years, GeneDx has been at the forefront of genetic innovation, pioneering new technologies and gene discovery, enabling greater diagnostic accuracy for patients and families. When experience matters, GeneDx is your answer.

Our genetic counselors are here to:

Answer your clinical questions

Expedite analysis when the timing is critical for treatment and management

Thoroughly review test orders to help ensure the most appropriate testing strategy

Include recommendations for clinical management or research studies for specific clinical situations

Provide patients with genetic counseling services

Personalized reports

GeneDx test reports are individually prepared for every patient by our team of genetics experts. Our genetic counselors help ensure each report is clear, concise and comprehensive. Following regulatory guidelines, our clinical molecular geneticists add clinical context, make sure identified variants fit the patient’s disease mechanism and phenotype, and sign all reports.


Comprehensive Test Menu

Our extensive menu of diagnostic tests includes options for many genetic diseases and conditions. With a wide range of offerings that include single-gene tests, gene panels, large-phenotypically-driven exome-based gene panels, and exome and genome sequencing, we enable you to select the test that is medically necessary and best meets each individual patient's needs.

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Questions? Below is a list of FAQs:

Please reach out to our Customer Service Team at or 1-888-729-1206 or you may contact your regional account executive.

No. Patients cannot order testing directly through GeneDx. An order must be placed by a licensed and qualified healthcare provider. Please confirm with your regional account executive about your state’s rules regarding the requisite credentials for ordering providers.

Yes. We have more than 100 MDs/PhDs and approximately 100 genetic counselors on the GeneDx team, including a team mainly focused on assisting our clients directly. Please call 1-888-729-1206 or email, and we can put you in touch with the GeneDx expert to address your questions.

Yes. We accept specimens from patients living outside the U.S. Please email to discuss country-specific options and inquire about the preferred specimen type.

You have the option of mailing kits to patients and their family members directly, while placing an order on the GeneDx Healthcare Provider Portal at You may also order kits on our website at or by emailing:

No, kits cannot be mailed to a P.O. box. However, please reach out to your GeneDx Regional Account Executive to discuss possible alternative options.

Yes. All of our specimen kits come with illustrated, easy-to-use collection instructions. Patients can also watch this quick video on buccal swab collection. 

Yes. We accept specimens from other laboratories and can mail specimens to other laboratories. The healthcare provider needs to complete a “Specimen Send-Out Form,” which can be obtained by emailing Please supply a FEDEX account number for payment. You can send the completed form back to us via email to or by fax to 201-421-2010. We will then send the specimen to the requested lab.