About Us

Our Mission

GeneDx is focused on delivering personalized, actionable insights that improve health outcomes. We sit at the intersection of diagnostics and data science, pairing decades of genomic expertise with an unmatched ability to interpret clinical data at scale.

Our exome and genome testing is among the best in the industry. We expect that it will be even more advanced in the future with the help of Centrellis®, our innovative health information platform. Powered by millions of medical records, Centrellis® integrates digital tools with artificial intelligence to ingest and synthesize clinical and genomic data.

As a result of our robust test menu, including our exome and genome testing, and the comprehensive insights generated by Centrellis®, we are developing a more complete understanding of complex disease than ever before. This translates to faster diagnosis, more effective treatment plans, and enhanced drug discovery.

Our offerings help a whole spectrum of healthcare partners — clinicians, researchers, health systems, pharmaceutical companies, and payors — improve patient experiences and advance population health.

Our History

We’ve been focused on powering health insights through genomics for over 20 years. GeneDx was founded in 2000 by scientists from the National Institutes of Health whose mission was to make genetic testing accessible for all patients with rare diseases.

That mission has guided and shaped our work ever since. We pioneered exome and genome sequencing for pediatric, rare, and ultra-rare diseases and quickly became a leader in the field of genomics. Over time, we grew our technological capabilities alongside our expertise.

We’ve spent the past two decades building one of the deepest, most sophisticated datasets in the genomic industry. Through the development of custom analysis algorithms and expert data curation, we’ve built a proprietary interpretation platform that enables us to provide highly accurate genome and exome testing.

In May 2022, upon integration with Sema4, we combined our existing dataset with Centrellis®, enhancing our capabilities and enabling us to power genomic and clinical discovery at an even greater scale.

Our Trajectory

More than 20 years later, GeneDx remains committed to improving the lives of rare disease patients through genomic testing. We’re at the forefront of rare disease diagnostic testing, with a primary focus on pediatric and outpatient NICU testing in order to find diagnoses early in a patient’s life.

While rare and complex disease patients are our current focus, we believe that everyone can benefit from exome and genome testing. We envision a healthcare system in which an individual’s genomic profile can be paired with their clinical data to deliver personalized health plans and treatment options throughout their lives.