One test. Big picture. Brighter futures. 

At GeneDx, our mission is to deliver personalized and actionable health insights to inform diagnosis, direct treatment, and improve drug discovery

Empowering individualized healthcare

We believe that everyone deserves personalized, targeted medical care—and that it all begins with a genetic diagnosis. 

Translating genetic data into diagnoses

Fueled by one of the world’s largest rare disease data sets, our industry-leading exome and genome tests translate complex genomic data into clinical answers that can: 

  • unlock personalized health plans for patients 
  • accelerate drug discovery 
  • improve health system efficiencies 

Earning our reputation as the expert’s expert 

Our state-of-the-art interpretation platform, paired with our robust data set, make us the go-to lab when doctors need diagnoses for children with both rare diseases and common conditions. 

It starts with a single test

Clinical and technical expertise. More than 500,000 exomes sequenced. More than two decades of experience. It all comes together to improve health outcomes—and change lives.

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