Disease should be rare. Diagnosis shouldn't.

That’s the future we’re building at GeneDx.


We provide answers, so you can focus on care

Find the right diagnosis the first time.
Whole genome and exome testing offer a complete view of a patient’s genetic makeup and have a superior diagnostic yield to multi-gene panels. Additionally, more and more professional society guidelines support exome and genome testing as a first line test, particularly for epilepsy, intellectual disability/developmental delay, and congenital abnormalities. Starting complex disease patients with genome or exome testing means getting them to a diagnosis faster and saving patients and families years of unnecessary testing, heartache, and stress.
More accurate information means more effective treatment plans.
Our unique ability to analyze genomic information alongside comprehensive clinical datasets means patients are provided with an incredibly precise diagnosis.This enables patients to get the exact care they need, including connecting them to appropriate clinical trials or developing specialized care plans.
Science backed by support.
We are here for you and your patients throughout the entire testing process, from placing orders to interpreting results. Our dedicated team of genetic counselors provides peer-to-peer support as well as pre- and post-test counseling services. Also, our billing experts work with families on flexible and affordable payment plans so patients can get the care they need. With comprehensive care from start to finish, we offer more than just a test result.


Why GeneDx

We’re moving exome and genome from specialized tests to standard of care, improving patients’ lives by building towards a future where we can sequence DNA once and analyze the results for a lifetime.


We’re a leader in genomics, with over 400,000 clinical exome and genome tests interpreted and delivered. We offer premier expertise in exome sequencing for pediatric conditions and rare and ultra-rare genetic diseases.

Centrellis®, our proprietary health intelligence platform, integrates digital tools with artificial intelligence, allowing us to ingest and synthesize clinical and genomic data to deliver better health insights.

With one of the world’s largest rare disease data sets, we’re poised to accelerate the use of genomics and leverage large-scale clinical data to enable precision medicine as the standard of care.


Latest news

Sema4 Announces Name Change to GeneDx and Provides Preliminary 2022 Financial Results and 2023 Guidance
Jan 9, 2023

Company expects to exceed 2022 revenue target with strong momentum to deliver continued growth in 2023 combining GeneDx and Centrellis® platforms


Sema4|GeneDx to Participate in the 41st Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference
Dec. 30, 2022

Sema4|GeneDx President & Chief Executive Officer, Katherine Stueland, to deliver presentation


Sema4|GeneDx To Provide Whole Genome Sequencing and Interpretation Services for Landmark Genomic Newborn Screening Study
Oct. 5, 2022

The largest study of its kind in North America, GUARDIAN is expected to improve population health by identifying more than 250 preventable and treatable conditions