In order to ensure 2023 billing, testing must be activated before the end of the year, or within 30 days of proband sample collection (if sample was collected in 2023). For Exome, Genome, or Xpanded testing, if you do not expect parental samples to be received in time for testing to be activated with 2023 billing, please contact us at to determine how to proceed.

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Pediatric Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Fewer uncertain results. Superior diagnostic yields. Increasing insurance coverage. Supported by medical guidelines. The time for exome is now.

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An estimated 44% of patients with neurological disorders will receive a delayed or incorrect diagnosis1, and patients with rare neurodevelopmental disorders wait over 6 years on average for a diagnosis.2

But it doesn’t have to be this way for your patients.

Whole exome sequencing (WES) is a comprehensive, cost-effective option that is recommended for patients with conditions such as unexplained epilepsy, cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disabilities, congenital anomalies, and developmental delays.3-6

Exome testing offers a comprehensive genomic assessment

For patients with unknown or unexplained pediatric conditions, exome testing can significantly reduce the time to diagnosis – sometimes by more than six years – sparing your patients years of missed milestones, widened developmental gaps, the strain of uninformative tests, and inefficient treatments.2,3

This is why leading medical societies, including the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG), the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC), and the American Epilepsy Society (AES), recommend exome or genome sequencing as a first-tier test.3,4

GeneDx accepts all commercial insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare

Insurance coverage is expanding. Over 70% of commercial health plans cover exome sequencing for children with neurodevelopmental disorders that meet clinical criteria.6

For many patients, insurance may provide better coverage for exome than multi-gene panels.6

Flexible billing and payment options. Cost shouldn’t be a barrier to getting critical health information. Our billing experts work with families to access testing so patients can get the care they need. We offer flexible payment plans and offer a Financial Assistance Program for eligible patients.

Most GeneDx patients who received exome testing had $0 out-of-pocket responsibility for testing.9

Research shows the clinical utility of exome

Comprehensive genetic testing like exome sequencing can unlock the potential for more effective treatments and can lead to changes in medical management in up to 30% of cases.5

Narrower tests leave patients behind.

  • Whole exome sequencing looks at ~20,000 genes, has more than twice the diagnostic yield of chromosomal microarray (~40% compared to 15-20%)10 and delivers more diagnostic information than gene panel testing.11
  • Research shows that 23% of patients diagnosed with exome testing would not have received a diagnosis with a panel.12

Help your patients get the care they need earlier.

Order exome

Nearly 75% of families of rare disease patients report wanting a diagnostic test.1

Help them find clearer answers and guide a more personalized care plan with exome.

For your patients with complex or rare diseases, a precise diagnosis can mean more than changes in medical management.5 Identifying a unifying genetic cause of your patient’s symptoms can open the door to:

Clinical trial eligibility

Connection to advocacy
and community groups

More informative
prognostic information

GeneDx – your trusted genetic testing experts

We’re in this together

GeneDx is driven to help make precision medicine the standard of care for your patients. With a team of genetic counselors, MD/PhD scientists, and clinical and molecular diagnostics specialists, we provide the support you need during the genetic testing process to understand ordering, results interpretation, and everything in between. We also provide comprehensive genetic counseling services for your patients from our team of board-certified genetic counselors.

Results matter

GeneDx offers greater diagnostic accuracy by leveraging our curated dataset of over 500,000 clinical exomes, which enables us to deliver more definitive diagnoses and clinically actionable reports. Every patient sample strengthens our industry-leading interpretation platform, empowering us to deliver diagnoses, even in the most complex cases.

And experience matters

GeneDx was spun out of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) over 20 years ago. We haven’t lost sight of our origins in research either – we regularly contribute scientific findings to the genetics and genomic communities and beyond, further fueling innovation and improved diagnostics for more and more patients.13

With comprehensive care from start to finish, we offer more than just a test result.
Experience the GeneDx difference and help your patients find answers.


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