In order to ensure 2023 billing, testing must be activated before the end of the year, or within 30 days of proband sample collection (if sample was collected in 2023). For Exome, Genome, or Xpanded testing, if you do not expect parental samples to be received in time for testing to be activated with 2023 billing, please contact us at to determine how to proceed.

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GeneDx’s deep clinical and genomic data among diverse patient populations can help uncover critical insights.

We’ve spent the past two decades building one of the deepest, most sophisticated aggregate rare disease datasets in the genomics industry.


Clinical Exomes & Genomes Sequenced

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GeneDx’s rich data and value are grounded in our history and leadership in comprehensive genetic testing, including whole exome sequencing and whole genome sequencing.

What’s different about working with GeneDx? Our genomic tests offer higher yields, provide advanced variant classification, require submission of detailed clinical information, and leverage our expert interpretation skills to generate more robust patient insights and, thus, more valuable scientific evidence for collaborators.

Enable precision medicine
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How We Support You

As an industry leader in clinical exome testing, partners leverage our unparalleled repository of clinical and genomic data, expert data science capabilities, and relationships with healthcare providers and patients to:


Determine where patients are to inform trial site selection and more efficiently and effectively identify patients for trials.


Our data creates a streamlined method for connecting with patients identified for trials and study opportunities.


Accelerate every step of therapeutic development with deep, data-driven clinical insights.

Our solutions can play a pivotal role in: 

Optimizing trial operations

Limited patient pools and geographic dispersion often hinder the clinical trial and natural history study recruitment process. However, BioPharma companies can identify geographical clusters of patients with specific conditions and strategically select trial sites in regions with higher concentrations of eligible patients.

Expediting trial enrollment

Finding potential patients for clinical trials and natural history studies is one of the most challenging problems facing BioPharma companies. Our unique approach and access to qualified, diverse clinical testing patients can help.

Validating novel therapeutic targets

By leveraging comprehensive genomic datasets, researchers can uncover potential therapeutic targets with greater precision and efficiency. Collaborations with GeneDx provide access to extensive repositories built with clinical and genomic data and hold promise to enhance target validation efforts.

Providing prevalence projections

Accurate prevalence projections are crucial for optimizing therapeutic development efforts and achieving pre-clinical regulatory approvals. GeneDx can extract reliable prevalence projections for a wide variety of rare diseases based on our 20 years of testing experience.

Contributing to regulatory submissions

Many disorders are underrepresented in research and, thus, in peer-reviewed literature. Accurate data points are an imperative element of regulatory submissions, and collaborations with GeneDx can elucidate the answers to supplement gaps in the literature and propel therapeutic development forward.

And much more!

At the intersection of diagnostics and data science, GeneDx pairs decades of genomic expertise with an unmatched ability to interpret clinical data at scale.

Our Data in Action

Real-world examples of how GeneDx’s data helps our partners impact patients’ lives.

Leverage our unique insights. Improve health outcomes. Reach out today, and we’ll help you get started.

The GeneDx BioPharma team works with industry partners to understand their unique challenges, discover their goals, and provide tailored solutions.

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