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Exome and genome results that deliver

The GeneDx difference

With advanced genomic technologies, our rich internal database, and extensive clinical expertise, GeneDx’s industry-leading tests deliver clinically actionable results, faster. 

Gain insights from our unmatched database

GeneDx’s results are fueled by one of the world’s largest genomic data sets, including:


unique samples interpreted


clinical exomes and genomes sequenced


mitochondrial genomes

Broad testing, precise answers

Our comprehensive tests and advanced interpretation platform identify difficult-to-detect genetic variations and assess their contributions to disease. The result? Clear, actionable results and fewer variants of uncertain significance. 

Dedicated to advancing the field of genomics, so more patients get answers

GeneDx has identified more than 400 new disease-gene relationships and developed novel tools for genomic data analysis—meaning more answers for more patients.

Join us in improving lives 

At GeneDx, our goal is to provide clear, accurate, and meaningful answers so that healthcare providers, patients, families, and partners can take action. Join us: it all starts with a single test.