Wednesday, June 19, is Juneteenth. Our lab will be open and accepting samples, but our genetic counseling services, client services, and billing services teams will be unavailable. If you need assistance, please leave a message at (888) 729-1206 or and we will respond when we return on June 20.

Buccal Swab Requirements


GenomeXpress and GenomeSeqDx can only accept buccal samples for relatives for duo and trio testing. Buccal samples are not accepted for the congenital sideroblastic anemia test. Multiple permitted tests can be ordered on one swab but the DNA yield is limited and additional specimens may be needed to complete testing. For more information email

Buccal swabs are not accepted if the patient has ever received an allogeneic bone marrow/stem cell transplant due to the potential for a high percentage of donor DNA to be present. For these patients, DNA from cultured fibroblasts is the required specimen type. GeneDx can provide a punch biopsy kit and can culture fibroblasts onsite, as needed.


Complimentary buccal swab kits are available for US and Canadian clients. To order kits, please visit our supplies page or email Contents include sponge swab, transport tube with tinted stabilizer solution, label for tube, and shipping box.

View Safety Data Sheet


Follow enclosed directions.


Use the labels provided to place the patient name and date of birth on the transport tube.


Specimens may be held at room temperature before overnight shipping for up to 1 week (preferred) or up to 60 days (manufacturer’s limit).


Specimens will be rejected if the tinted stabilizing solution leaks out or if the transport tube is not labeled with patient name and additional ID.


Use the FedEx Clinical Pak provided. Ship overnight for arrival Monday-Saturday.

Ship to:
GeneDx, 207 Perry Parkway, Gaithersburg MD 20877
1-301 -519-2100

GeneDx Buccal Swab Collection Instructions