Patient Access Solutions

GeneDx’s Patient Access Solutions offer a suite of tools and services to help address patients’ final cost of testing.

Financial assistance program

We offer a robust Financial Assistance Program (FAP) to help reduce the potential out-of-pocket costs associated with testing. Our Financial Assistance Program page offers additional information and a tool to estimate the level of assistance a patient may qualify for.

Epilepsy Partnership Program

The Epilepsy Partnership Program provides greater access to exome testing for eligible patients by creating an option if their health insurance company denies their claim or if they are uninsured. To learn more about this program, including who is eligible and how to order, please visit the Epilepsy Partnership Program page


Benefits investigation support

To help insured patients understand what they may expect to pay out-of-pocket, we offer a benefits investigation (BI) tool in the provider portal. This provides an estimate only, and the patient’s insurance determines the final bill.  

It’s important to note that the BI is a snapshot of the patient’s benefits and deductible at that exact point in time. As an example, if additional medical visits, procedures, or tests are processed by insurance after the BI but before the patient’s GeneDx test, that could reduce what the patient owes. In addition, other factors like the approval or denial of a prior authorization will impact the patient’s final out-of-pocket bill.