Photo of Katherine Stueland

Katherine Stueland

Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Stueland has dedicated her career to transforming healthcare through patient-centric business strategies. Stueland was pivotal in securing FDA approval of the first protease inhibitor for HIV/AIDS and the first cancer immunotherapy. Over the past decade, Stueland has mobilized the movement toward widespread use of genomic information to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of diagnosis of rare disease and cancer. 

Stueland became President and CEO of GeneDx (Nasdaq: WGS) in June 2021, a company that emerged from the National Institutes of Health. GeneDx delivers personalized and actionable health insights to inform diagnosis, direct treatment and drug discovery. GeneDx is at the forefront of transforming healthcare through its industry-leading exome and genome testing and interpretation, fueled by one of the world’s largest rare disease data sets. 

Prior to GeneDx, Ms. Stueland was the Chief Commercial Officer of Invitae (NYSE: NVTA), a medical genetics company where she established the corporate brand as the company evolved from a private to a public entity with a market cap exceeding $6 billion. Before that, she was Vice President of Communications and Investor Relations at Dendreon. Ms. Stueland’s career is rooted in bringing transformational technologies to market and crafting strategies to evolve a new standard of care to keep people healthier and living longer lives. 

In 2023, Ms. Stueland was recognized as one of the most influential people in biotech by Fierce Pharma and was a runner up for the most influential leaders by Modern Healthcare. She is passionate about mentoring women on effective leadership, creating human-centric business strategies, and about generating career opportunities for emerging leaders. She graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio in 1997.