ATTENTION: Cytogenetic testing for all sample types and infectious study add-on testing for prenatal specimens are being retired. Samples must be received no later than Friday, March 31, 2023. View list of retired tests and FAQs here.

Important Information Regarding GeneDx CytogenETic Test Menu Changes

The information below outlines details regarding the GeneDx tests that will be discontinued effective 03/31/23. GeneDx is proud to serve as your partner for genetic testing, services, and support. We will continue to offer a robust genetic testing menu, and where possible, have identified potential alternate tests to support you and your patients. For planning purposes, below is a test comparison chart and timeline for the wind down. All products not listed below remain unaffected. Click here to view the FAQS regarding these test menu changes.

Testing that has been discontinued and replacement options available:

Discontinued Test Replacement Test Option
Rapid Aneuploidy FISH (3582) No other rapid test, however, FISH is considered a screen and microarray (460/410) is a diagnostic test that provides information on aneuploidy or other copy number variants.
Amniotic Fluid AFP (2122) No replacement
AChE (automatic reflex after AF-AFP) (1952-1) No replacement
Chromosome Analysis, Amniotic Fluid (2136) Micorarray (460/410). Microarray is a superior test for detecting copy number imbalances. It is not able to detect balanced structural rearrangements (translocations, inversions). FISH follow-up testing is available to interrogate for known familial rearrangements.
Chromosome Analysis, CVS (A587) Microarray (460/410)
Chromosome Analysis, Products of Conception (1053) Microarray (460/410)
Chromosome Analysis, Peripheral Blood (0559) Microarray (910)
Rule out Mosaicism, Chromosome Analysis, Blood (T982) Microarray is not ideal for low level mosaicism, if appropriate, FISH follow-up (J542) is the preferred test for mosaicism
Send-out Prenatal (used for infectious studies) (728) No replacement
Xpanded HereditaryCancer – Singleton (TH42a) No replacement
Xpanded HereditaryCancer – Trio (TH42b) No replacement
Xpanded HereditaryCancer – Trio (TH42b) Xpanded HereditaryCancer following GeneDx HereditaryCancer Panel–Singleton (TH42d) No replacement
Xpanded HereditaryCancer following GeneDx Hereditary Cancer Panel – Trio (TH42e) No replacement
ReproXpanded – Individual (J776) No replacement
ReproXpanded – Couple (J842) No replacement
XomeDx®Insights (TH90) No replacement
Exome Comparator (No test code) For specific questions pertaining to exome comparator please contact us at for a case review.

To view complete list of available test options, visit the GeneDx test menu.

Timeline of important dates regarding this change:

  • Today through Saturday, March 25: we will continue to accept paper TRFs and portal orders for the tests listed above.
    • Paper orders that accompany a sample will be accepted until March 31
  • Friday, March 31: final day we will accept samples for the tests listed above.
    • Any samples received after this date, even if it corresponds with an order received prior to the 31st, will be returned and the test will be canceled.
  • All reports and results for tests received by 03/31/23 will be communicated within our standard turnaround time (TAT), no later than 05/06/23.

Please contact our customer service team at 888-729-1206 option 3 or with any questions.

Thank you for trusting us as your testing partner.