What is genetic counseling?

Genetic counselors help you make decisions about your genetic health. Genetic counseling can help you understand how genes affect you and your family’s health and how to manage or treat diseases based on genetic test results.

What do genetic counselors do?

Genetic counselors are licensed healthcare professionals who have specialized education in medical genetics and counseling. Genetic counselors are specifically focused on helping people understand the complicated world of genetic information. They work with patients and healthcare providers to answer questions about genetic testing and to support treatment option discussions.

What you can expect

During a genetic counseling session, a genetic counselor may review your family history, explain genetic testing options along with benefits and limitations of testing, discuss your test results, and help you understand whether additional family members should be tested.

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Genetic testing can be overwhelming, but can also provide a better understanding of your genetic health.

Your genetic counseling options

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In some cases, your healthcare provider may have a genetic counselor as part of their care team, offering pre- and/or post-genetic testing support. For situations where genetic counseling is limited or additional support is needed, GeneDx is partnered with a group of genetic counselors at MyGeneTeam. The MyGeneTeam services are provided at no additional cost to GeneDx patients.

With a referral from your healthcare provider, MyGeneTeam can provide virtual genetic counseling services for pre- and post-genetic testing.

The MyGeneTeam genetic counseling experts:

  • Offer flexible appointment times including evenings and weekends
  • Work collaboratively with your healthcare provider
  • Are informed experts to help guide and provide support for you and your family

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Family of four talking to a healthcare provider while the healthcare provider shows them something on a tablet

Check out the National Society of Genetic Counselors website to learn how to track your family’s genetic results

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