Monday, May 27 is Memorial Day. Our lab and all support services will be closed. Kit orders placed on May 27 will be sent on May 28, and all in-transit patient samples will be held by the carrier and received on May 28. If you need assistance, please leave a message at (888) 729-1206 or and we will respond when we return on May 28.

Informed Consent and Statement of Medical Necessity

Provider Consent

By submission of this test requisition and accompanying sample(s), I: (i) authorize and direct GeneDx to perform the testing indicated; (ii) certify that the person listed as the ordering provider is authorized by law to order the test(s) requested; (iii) certify that any custom panel and/or ordered test(s) requested on this test requisition form are reasonable and medically necessary for the diagnosis and/or treatment of a disease, illness, impairment, symptom, syndrome or disorder; (iv) the test results will determine my patient’s medical management and treatment decisions of this patient’s condition on this date of service; (v) have obtained this patient’s and relatives’, when applicable, written informed consent to undergo any genetic testing requested; and (vi) that the full and appropriate diagnosis code(s) are indicated to the highest level of specificity.

Patient Consent

GeneDx recommends that physicians obtain patient consent for genetic testing. Select states require a signed informed consent for genetic testing by law. Please download the below document and send a signed copy along with the remaining paperwork to the laboratory.