GeneDx offers genetic testing to inform clinical management today while enabling the advances of tomorrow through our BioPharma partnerships.

We provide innovative solutions to solve your biggest challenges

The GeneDx BioPharma team works with industry partners to understand their unique challenges and goals, and we provide diverse solutions that accelerate therapeutic development and enable more efficient, targeted delivery of therapies to patients in need.

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Why should you work with us?

With over 20 years of experience in clinical genetic testing, 400,000+ clinically sequenced exomes, and our leading clinical and genomic interpretation solutions powered by Centrellis, GeneDx is positioned to be a powerful partner for BioPharma. Our team provides a suite of offerings and is constantly innovating to deliver unmatched value to our partners.

Our leadership in the clinical genetic testing space enables us to leverage vast amounts of genetic testing data and existing relationships with healthcare providers and patients to drive forward the discovery, development, and delivery of potentially life-saving therapies.

A trusted partner to FIND and UNDERSTAND patients

We offer two classes of solutions to some of the most critical challenges facing BioPharma – finding relevant patients and understanding patient populations.


Finding potential patients for clinical trials and natural history studies is one of the most challenging problems facing BioPharma companies. This issue is further compounded when it comes to rare and complex diseases. It isn’t just about finding patients - it is about identifying qualified, diverse patients when you need them. Our unique approach and access to patients and providers through our clinical testing operation can help.


It’s critical to better understand the natural history of diseases and their progression pathways to inform drug development and promote delivery to appropriate patients. By leveraging diverse patient populations with clinical and genomic data, we can investigate therapeutic efficacy, elucidate differential responses to therapy, validate associations between novel biomarkers and unique clinical endpoints, and create representative studies. GeneDx has the offerings needed to support our BioPharma partners throughout every step of the drug development and delivery workflow.

Partner Testimonial

"We partnered with GeneDx on clinical trial outreach for one of our genetic epilepsy programs. The recruitment initiative was to send a letter direct to diagnosed patients and their ordering clinician, informing them about our trial, for which they may be eligible. We were highly impressed working with GeneDx on this initiative and the level of professionalism from start to finish. The entire process was a true collaboration, and we will absolutely partner with GeneDx again on clinical trial recruitment for all our upcoming genetic epilepsy trials."

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