Next-generation sequencing has the power to help you solve

GeneDx builds customized programs for your company to be successful in its preclinical, clinical, and commercial development. GeneDx is the “one-stop laboratory” for more complete end-to-end genetic testing options. We specialize in next generation sequencing including whole genome sequencing, exome sequencing, targeted panels, and mitochondrial genome analysis. We also provide CNV analysis, PCR fragment analysis for repeat expansion disorders, and other specialized testing services. Our experienced clinical team is available to design effective testing strategies providing clinical utility to healthcare professionals.

Here when you need us

The GeneDx business team works with BioPharma to understand your goals and provide creative and custom solutions to fit your needs and budgets. When you are ready, our implementation team will execute your program with concierge-level service, on time and on budget.

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Why should you work with us?

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Extensive Experience

  • 21+ years of Sanger sequencing
  • 20+ years of mitochondrial genetic testing
  • 12+ years of microarray testing
Illustration of DNA helix

Deep Knowledge

  • 12+ years of next-generation sequencing
  • 9+ years of exome sequencing
  • 4+ years of genome sequencing
A team of four healthcare providers

Clinical & Scientific Team

  • 100+ genetic counselors
  • 100+ MDs/PhDs
  • 35+ Board-certified Clinical Geneticists (FACMG)
  • 50+ R&D engineers and scientists

GeneDx BioPharma Programs

We are constantly innovating with new programs to meet the demands of today’s therapeutic development. Here’s a snapshot of our offerings:
  • Customized sponsored testing programs; private or marketed; single or multi-sponsored
  • Effective healthcare provider and patient outreach
  • Data consultation and mining for insightful answers and confirmation of research
  • Customizable workflows to suit your company

By your side at every stage

The GeneDx genetic, clinical, and business teams support an array of BioPharma clients in addressing and solving challenges at each stage of therapeutic development:

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We have an unparalleled range of clinical, variant, and demographic data to help with patient cohort identification, and foster insights about business development opportunities.


We accurately identify patients for clinical trials, provide information outreach services to healthcare providers and patients, and execute molecular diagnostic testing services with rapid turnaround times.

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We build testing programs that assist in matching patients who have certain genetic variants with potential therapeutic solutions to educate and inform their healthcare providers about in-market treatments.

Tools to help you reach your goals

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The GeneDx database

GeneDx continues to amass a curated database of well over one million sequenced specimens including over 250,000 exomes. We annotate cases with phenotype information from patient records and leverage this rich data to provide deeper variant interpretation with evidence.

Line drawing of a DNA helix with a magnifying glass

GeneDx bioinformatics

Our advanced interpretation methods utilize a sophisticated combination of automation and expertise. By combining these methods with our state-of-the-art laboratory, data processing pipelines, and expertly curated knowledge bases we deliver the most accurate and relevant molecular results, providing deep insights for complex cases.

GeneDx BioPharma collaborators