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XomeDxSlice Tool

Search for phenotypes or genes, or submit your gene symbols into the form to the right.

For the ordering providers:
  • Please use this XomeDxSlice tool to create your gene list prior to submitting the patient’s sample for testing.
  • Genes that are not noted as "gene with a protein product" may not be appropriate for Slice. Please use OMIM links to further investigate issues of updated nomenclature or other potential explanation.
  • Genes that have poor coverage by exome sequencing may not be appropriate for XomeDxSlice.
  • Once you have completed the form, the submitted gene list will be reviewed and approved or declined by the GeneDx medical specialists within 3-5 business days.
  • The approved gene list will be e-mailed to you. This e-mail will contain a unique tracking number that must be submitted with the patient’s sample and XomeDxSlice requisition form.
The XomeDxSlice form can be populated one of two ways.
  1. By entering the phenotype or HGNC-approved gene symbol into the search engine.
  2. By adding HGNC-approved gene symbols directly into the XomeDxSlice Form to the right. If you add the gene symbols directly into the form by cutting and pasting from another document, please be sure to list one gene symbol per line.
  3. HGNC-approved gene symbols can be verified at
  4. You can use the back button to conduct multiple searches; your gene list will be saved for a short time period as you build it.

When you copy & paste a list of gene symbols, please use one line for every gene symbol. Do not use commas or other punctuation.

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