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Sideroblastic anemia

Select all: Gene symbolChrAvg % covered at 10xLocus TypeNoteOMIMPrevious symbol(s)Phenotype(s)Slice(s)
ABCB7Xq13.399.99%gene with protein product300135ABC7Abnormality of metabolism/homeostasis; Abnormality of movement; Anemia; Ataxia; Babinski sign; Clonus; Dysarthria; Dysdiadochokinesis; Dysmetria; Global developmental delay; Hyperreflexia; Hypochromic microcytic anemia; Intention tremor; Juvenile onset; Neurological speech impairment; Nonprogressive cerebellar ataxia; Nystagmus; Sideroblastic anemia; X-linked recessive inheritanceAplastic Anemia ; Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes
ALAS2Xp11.21100%gene with protein product301300ASBAbnormality of iron homeostasis; Anemia; Childhood onset; Cutaneous photosensitivity; Fatigue; Hypochromic microcytic anemia; Increased erythrocyte protoporphyrin concentration; Macrocytic anemia; Muscle weakness; Pallor; Sideroblastic anemia; Variable expressivity; X-linked dominant inheritance; X-linked recessive inheritanceAplastic Anemia ; Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes
HSPA95q31.299.99%gene with protein product600548HSPA9BAgenesis of corpus callosum; Atopic dermatitis; Autosomal dominant inheritance; Autosomal recessive inheritance; Brachycephaly; Coronal cleft vertebrae; Dysplasia of the femoral head; Epiphyseal dysplasia; High palate; Highly arched eyebrow; Hypodontia; Midface retrusion; Oligohydramnios; Patent foramen ovale; Recurrent urinary tract infections; Renal hypoplasia; Severe short stature; Short neck; Short nose; Sideroblastic anemia; Sparse hair
ISCU12q23.3100%gene with protein productThe common intronic variant is not detectable by XomeDxSlice.611911NIFUNAbnormal iron deposition in mitochondria; Autosomal recessive inheritance; Decreased activity of mitochondrial complex I; Decreased activity of mitochondrial complex II; Decreased activity of mitochondrial complex III; Dyspnea; Elevated serum creatine phosphokinase; Exercise intolerance; Increased intramyocellular lipid droplets; Increased serum lactate; Juvenile onset; Lactic acidosis; Mitochondrial myopathy; Muscle cramps; Muscle weakness; Myoglobinuria; Myopathy; Palpitations; Sideroblastic anemia; Subsarcolemmal accumulations of abnormally shaped mitochondriaRhabdomyolysis
LARS23p21.31100%gene with protein product604544Arrhythmia; Autosomal recessive inheritance; Congenital onset; Decreased liver function; EEG abnormality; Hypoplasia of the uterus; Intrauterine growth retardation; Lactic acidosis; Oligohydramnios; Patent ductus arteriosus; Premature ovarian insufficiency; Primary amenorrhea; Progressive hearing impairment; Respiratory insufficiency; Seizures; Sideroblastic anemia; Thrombocytopenia; Ventricular septal defect
PUS112q24.3399.99%gene with protein product608109Anemia; Autosomal recessive inheritance; Cytochrome C oxidase-negative muscle fibers; Delayed puberty; Distichiasis; EMG abnormality; Erythroid hyperplasia; Exercise intolerance; Failure to thrive; Generalized limb muscle atrophy; Glaucoma; High palate; Hypochromic anemia; Increased serum ferritin; Increased serum lactate; Intellectual disability; Kyphosis; Lactic acidosis; Long philtrum; Microcephaly; Microcytic anemia; Micrognathia; Mitochondrial myopathy; Muscular hypotonia; Myopathy; Pallor; Progressive muscle weakness; Scoliosis; Short nose; Sideroblastic anemiaAplastic Anemia ; Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes
SLC19A21q24.2100%gene with protein product603941TRMAAbnormality of the skin; Aminoaciduria; Anorexia; Arrhythmia; Atrial septal defect; Autosomal recessive inheritance; Cone/cone-rod dystrophy; Diabetes mellitus; Diarrhea; Headache; Hoarse voice; Lethargy; Megaloblastic anemia; Nystagmus; Optic atrophy; Pallor; Paresthesia; Retinal degeneration; Sensorineural hearing impairment; Short stature; Sideroblastic anemia; Thiamine-responsive megaloblastic anemia; Thrombocytopenia; Ventricular septal defect; Visual lossAplastic Anemia ; Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes
TRNT13p26.298.4%gene with protein product612907Anemia; Anisocytosis; Autosomal recessive inheritance; Decreased antibody level in blood; Decreased mean corpuscular volume; Decreased serum iron; Elliptocytosis; Epiretinal membrane; Generalized hypotonia; Global developmental delay; Hypochromic microcytic anemia; Myopia; Nyctalopia; Optic disc pallor; Retinal pigment epithelial atrophy; Ring scotoma; Sideroblastic anemia; Variable expressivityAplastic Anemia ; Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes
WFS14p16.1100%gene with protein product606201DFNA6, DFNA14, DFNA38Abnormality of mesentery morphology; Abnormality of the pinna; Abnormality of the upper urinary tract; Anxiety; Ataxia; Autistic behavior; Autosomal dominant inheritance; Autosomal recessive inheritance; Behavioral abnormality; Cardiomyopathy; Central diabetes insipidus; Cerebral atrophy; Congenital cataract; Congenital sensorineural hearing impairment; Delayed puberty; Dementia; Depressivity; Diabetes insipidus; Diabetes mellitus; Dysarthria; Dysphagia; Dysuria; Feeding difficulties in infancy; Gastrointestinal dysmotility; Glaucoma; Glucose intolerance; Growth delay; Hearing impairment; Hydronephrosis; Hydroureter; Hypothyroidism; Intellectual disability; Limited mobility of proximal interphalangeal joint; Low-frequency sensorineural hearing impairment; Male hypogonadism; Megaloblastic anemia; Nephropathy; Neurogenic bladder; Nuclear cataract; Nystagmus; Optic atrophy; Peripheral axonal neuropathy; Pigmentary retinopathy; Polydipsia; Primary gonadal insufficiency; Progressive cerebellar ataxia; Progressive sensorineural hearing impairment; Psychosis; Ptosis; Recurrent urinary tract infections; Seizures; Sensorineural hearing impairment; Sideroblastic anemia; Stroke-like episode; Testicular atrophy; Thrombocytopenia; TremorDisorders of Sex Development
YARS212p11.21100%gene with protein product610957Anemia; Autosomal recessive inheritance; Delayed puberty; Distichiasis; Dysphagia; EMG abnormality; Exercise intolerance; Failure to thrive; Generalized amyotrophy; Generalized limb muscle atrophy; Glaucoma; Growth delay; High palate; Increased serum lactate; Intellectual disability; Kyphosis; Lactic acidosis; Long philtrum; Microcephaly; Micrognathia; Mitochondrial myopathy; Muscular hypotonia; Myopathy; Nystagmus; Phenotypic variability; Progressive; Progressive muscle weakness; Ptosis; Respiratory insufficiency due to muscle weakness; Scoliosis; Short nose; Sideroblastic anemia; StrabismusAplastic Anemia ; Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes

The gene coverage data provided by GeneDx represent an estimate based on previous results, but the specific sequencing coverage data for the genes selected may vary from individual to individual, and cannot be predicted exactly. Changes to an approved gene list can only be made by contacting GeneDx directly at 888-729-1206 and asking to speak with a member of our Whole Exome Sequencing Laboratory.


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Suggested Slice IDSuggested Gene List Name
CS-AAAplastic Anemia
CS-AutoImmuneAutoimmune Disorders
CS-BBSBardet-Biedl Syndrome
CS-BMFBone Marrow Failure Syndromes
CS-CVIDCommon Variable Immune Deficiency
CS-CKUTCongenital Kidney and Urinary Tract (CKUT) Anomalies
CS-DSDDisorders of Sex Development
CS-EDEctodermal Dysplasia
CS-FAFanconi Anemia
CS-AnemiaHemolytic Anemia
CS-IBDInflammatory Bowel Disease
CS-MaleInfMale Infertility
CS-WWSMuscular dystropy-dystroglycanopathy (Walker-Warburg)
CS-NephroticNephrotic Syndrome
CS-PPKCIPalmoplantar keratoderma plus congenital ichthyosis
CS-Primary ImmunodefPrimary Immunodeficiency
CS-SRTDShort-Rib Thoracic Dysplasia
CS-WSWaardenburg Syndrome