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Select all: Gene symbolChrAvg % covered at 10xLocus TypeNoteOMIMPrevious symbol(s)Phenotype(s)Slice(s)
ADAM172p25.199.99%gene with protein product603639TACEAutosomal recessive inheritance; Blepharitis; Eosinophilia; Erythema; Erythroderma; Hematochezia; Paronychia; Pustule; Thick nail; Villous atrophyInflammatory Bowel Disease ; Palmoplantar keratoderma plus congenital ichthyosis
CTSC11q14.2100%gene with protein product602365PLS, PALSAbnormality of the fingernails; Abnormality of the skin; Arachnodactyly; Atrophy of alveolar ridges; Autosomal recessive inheritance; Cerebral calcification; Choroid plexus calcification; Chronic furunculosis; Congenital palmoplantar keratosis; Gingival recession; Gingivitis; Heterogeneous; Nail dystrophy; Osteolytic defects of the phalanges of the hand; Palmoplantar hyperkeratosis; Palmoplantar keratoderma; Pes planus; Premature loss of primary teeth; Premature loss of teeth; Pustule; Recurrent bacterial skin infections; Recurrent cutaneous abscess formation; Recurrent respiratory infections; Reduced number of teeth; Severe periodontitis; Tapering pointed ends of distal finger phalanges; Thick nailPalmoplantar keratoderma plus congenital ichthyosis
ECM11q21.2100%gene with protein product602201Abnormal blistering of the skin; Abnormality of the gingiva; Abnormality of the skin; Acne; Aggressive behavior; Alopecia of scalp; Autosomal recessive inheritance; Bilateral intracranial calcifications; Dysphagia; Dystonia; Hallucinations; High palate; Hoarse voice; Hyperkeratosis; Memory impairment; Microglossia; Papule; Paranoia; Patchy alopecia; Pustule; Recurrent respiratory infections; Scarring; Seizures; Subcutaneous nodule; Thick lower lip vermilion; Tongue nodules; Verrucae
EGFR7p11.2100%gene with protein product131550ERBBAlveolar cell carcinoma; Autosomal recessive inheritance; Epidermal acanthosis; Failure to thrive; Hypertension; Long eyelashes; Papule; Pustule; Recurrent bronchiolitis; Recurrent pneumonia; VomitingPalmoplantar keratoderma plus congenital ichthyosis
FERMT120p12.399.78%gene with protein product607900C20orf42Abnormal blistering of the skin; Abnormal pigmentation of the oral mucosa; Abnormal toenail morphology; Abnormality of dental enamel; Abnormality of skin pigmentation; Abnormality of the preputium; Amniotic constriction ring; Ankyloglossia; Aplasia/Hypoplasia of the skin; Autosomal recessive inheritance; Camptodactyly of finger; Carious teeth; Cheilitis; Colitis; Corneal erosion; Cutaneous photosensitivity; Dermal atrophy; Diffuse skin atrophy; Dysphagia; Dystrophic fingernails; Dystrophic toenail; Eczema; Erythema; Esophageal stricture; Esophagitis; Finger syndactyly; Fragile skin; Gingival bleeding; Gingivitis; Hypopigmented skin patches; Ichthyosis; Irregular hyperpigmentation; Narrow mouth; Oral leukoplakia; Palmoplantar hyperkeratosis; Palmoplantar keratoderma; Papule; Periodontitis; Phimosis; Poikiloderma; Premature loss of primary teeth; Pustule; Recurrent skin infections; Ridged nail; Skin ulcer; Spotty hyperpigmentation; Spotty hypopigmentation; Symblepharon; Telangiectases in sun-exposed and nonexposed skin; Telangiectasia of the skin; Thin skin; Turricephaly; Urticaria; XerostomiaPalmoplantar keratoderma plus congenital ichthyosis
IL36RN2q14.1100%gene with protein product605507IL1F5Autosomal recessive inheritance; Epidermal acanthosis; Erythema; Fever; Parakeratosis; Psoriasiform dermatitis; Pustule
LPIN218p11.3199.99%gene with protein product605519Abnormality of bone marrow cell morphology; Acne; Arthralgia; Autosomal recessive inheritance; Bone pain; Cachexia; Chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis; Congenital hypoplastic anemia; Edema; Failure to thrive; Fever; Flexion contracture; Growth delay; Headache; Hepatomegaly; Hypochromic microcytic anemia; Increased bone mineral density; Inflammatory abnormality of the skin; Leukocytosis; Metaphyseal irregularity; Myalgia; Osteomyelitis; Papule; Pustule; Splenomegaly; Synovitis
PSTPIP115q24.399.95%gene with protein product606347Acne; Arthralgia; Arthritis; Autosomal dominant inheritance; Fatigue; Fever; Increased antibody level in blood; Limitation of joint mobility; Lymphadenopathy; Pustule; Pyoderma; Pyoderma gangrenosum; Skin ulcer
SLC39A48q24.3100%gene with protein product607059AEZAbnormal blistering of the skin; Abnormal eyebrow morphology; Alopecia; Alopecia of scalp; Ataxia; Autosomal recessive inheritance; Blepharitis; Cerebral cortical atrophy; Cheilitis; Chronic diarrhea; Conjunctivitis; Decreased taste sensation; Decreased testicular size; Decreased testosterone in males; Diarrhea; Dry skin; Emotional lability; Erythema; Failure to thrive; Furrowed tongue; Glossitis; Hepatomegaly; Hypogonadism; Impaired T cell function; Infantile onset; Irritability; Lethargy; Low alkaline phosphatase; Malabsorption; Paronychia; Photophobia; Poor appetite; Pustule; Recurrent candida infections; Ridged fingernail; Ridged nail; Short stature; Skin ulcer; Splenomegaly; TremorPalmoplantar keratoderma plus congenital ichthyosis
TMC617q25.3100%gene with protein product605828EVER1Abnormality of metabolism/homeostasis; Basal cell carcinoma; Hypopigmented skin patches; Multiple cafe-au-lait spots; Papule; Pustule; Recurrent skin infections; Seborrheic dermatitis; Skin plaque; Verrucae
TMC817q25.3100%gene with protein product605829EVER2Abnormality of metabolism/homeostasis; Basal cell carcinoma; Hypopigmented skin patches; Multiple cafe-au-lait spots; Papule; Pustule; Recurrent skin infections; Seborrheic dermatitis; Skin plaque; Verrucae
TMEM1735q31.2100%gene with protein product612374Anemia; Autosomal dominant inheritance; Cutis marmorata; Elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate; Erythema; Failure to thrive; Fever; Follicular hyperplasia; Growth delay; Increased antibody level in blood; Interstitial pulmonary abnormality; Leukopenia; Malar rash; Nail dystrophy; Neonatal onset; Pustule; Recurrent respiratory infections; Telangiectasia; Thrombocytosis; Variable expressivityAutoimmune Disorders

The gene coverage data provided by GeneDx represent an estimate based on previous results, but the specific sequencing coverage data for the genes selected may vary from individual to individual, and cannot be predicted exactly. Changes to an approved gene list can only be made by contacting GeneDx directly at 888-729-1206 and asking to speak with a member of our Whole Exome Sequencing Laboratory.


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Suggested Slice IDSuggested Gene List Name
CS-AAAplastic Anemia
CS-AutoImmuneAutoimmune Disorders
CS-BBSBardet-Biedl Syndrome
CS-BMFBone Marrow Failure Syndromes
CS-CVIDCommon Variable Immune Deficiency
CS-CKUTCongenital Kidney and Urinary Tract (CKUT) Anomalies
CS-DSDDisorders of Sex Development
CS-EDEctodermal Dysplasia
CS-FAFanconi Anemia
CS-AnemiaHemolytic Anemia
CS-IBDInflammatory Bowel Disease
CS-MaleInfMale Infertility
CS-WWSMuscular dystropy-dystroglycanopathy (Walker-Warburg)
CS-NephroticNephrotic Syndrome
CS-PPKCIPalmoplantar keratoderma plus congenital ichthyosis
CS-Primary ImmunodefPrimary Immunodeficiency
CS-SRTDShort-Rib Thoracic Dysplasia
CS-WSWaardenburg Syndrome