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Select all: Gene symbolChrAvg % covered at 10xLocus TypeNoteOMIMPrevious symbol(s)Phenotype(s)Slice(s)
ARID1B6q25.3100%gene with protein product614556Abnormality of cardiovascular system morphology; Abnormality of the dentition; Abnormality of the pinna; Abnormality of vision; Agenesis of corpus callosum; Aggressive behavior; Aplasia of the uterus; Aplasia/Hypoplasia of the cerebellum; Aplasia/Hypoplasia of the distal phalanx of the 5th finger; Aplasia/Hypoplasia of the patella; Astigmatism; Atrial septal defect; Autistic behavior; Autosomal dominant inheritance; Autosomal recessive inheritance; Broad nasal tip; Bulbous nose; Choanal atresia; Cleft palate; Coarse facial features; Congenital diaphragmatic hernia; Coxa valga; Cryptorchidism; Cutis marmorata; Dandy-Walker malformation; Delayed eruption of teeth; Delayed skeletal maturation; Depressed nasal bridge; Depressed nasal ridge; Dislocated radial head; Downslanted palpebral fissures; Duodenal ulcer; Ectopic kidney; Elbow dislocation; Epicanthus; Facial hypertrichosis; Failure to thrive; Feeding difficulties in infancy; Gastric ulcer; Generalized hirsutism; Global developmental delay; Hearing impairment; Hemangioma; High palate; Hydronephrosis; Hypertelorism; Hypoplasia of the corpus callosum; Hypoplastic fifth fingernail; Hypospadias; Hypotelorism; Inguinal hernia; Intellectual disability; Intellectual disability, mild; Intestinal malrotation; Intrauterine growth retardation; Intussusception; Joint hyperflexibility; Joint laxity; Kyphosis; Long eyelashes; Low-set ears; Low-set, posteriorly rotated ears; Lumbosacral hirsutism; Malar flattening; Microcephaly; Muscular hypotonia; Myopia; Nystagmus; Partial agenesis of the corpus callosum; Patent ductus arteriosus; Phenotypic variability; Plagiocephaly; Posteriorly rotated ears; Postnatal growth retardation; Preauricular skin tag; Prominent interphalangeal joints; Ptosis; Recurrent respiratory infections; Renal hypoplasia; Sacral dimple; Scoliosis; Seizures; Sensorineural hearing impairment; Severe expressive language delay; Short distal phalanx of finger; Short distal phalanx of the 5th finger; Short distal phalanx of the 5th toe; Short stature; Short sternum; Single transverse palmar crease; Slow-growing hair; Sparse scalp hair; Spina bifida occulta; Strabismus; Tetralogy of Fallot; Thick eyebrow; Thick lower lip vermilion; Thin upper lip vermilion; Umbilical hernia; Ventricular septal defect; Visual impairment; Wide mouth; Wide nasal bridge
PTEN10q23.3199.95%gene with protein productPromoter/regulatory variants are not captured by XomeDxSlice. 601728BZS, MHAMAbnormal form of the vertebral bodies; Abnormal heart morphology; Abnormal lung lobation; Abnormal pupil morphology; Abnormal subcutaneous fat tissue distribution; Abnormal vertebral morphology; Abnormality of metabolism/homeostasis; Abnormality of the eye; Abnormality of the fallopian tube; Abnormality of the large intestine; Abnormality of the parathyroid gland; Abnormality of the penis; Abnormality of the vasculature; Abnormally prominent line of Schwalbe; Absent thumb; Acanthosis nigricans; Acrokeratosis; Adenoma sebaceum; Adult onset; Amblyopia; Anal atresia; Angioid streaks of the fundus; Angiokeratoma; Aqueductal stenosis; Arteriovenous malformation; Asymmetry of the thorax; Ataxia; Atypical nevi in non-sun exposed areas; Atypical nevus; Autism; Autosomal dominant inheritance; Autosomal recessive inheritance; Biparietal narrowing; Birth length greater than 97th percentile; Breast carcinoma; Broad forehead; Bronchogenic cyst; Cachexia; Cafe-au-lait spot; Calvarial hyperostosis; Capillary hemangiomas; Cataract; Cavernous hemangioma; Cognitive impairment; Colonic diverticula; Colorectal polyposis; Communicating hydrocephalus; Conjunctival hamartoma; Cranial nerve paralysis; Cutaneous melanoma; Decreased muscle mass; Delayed gross motor development; Delayed speech and language development; Depressed nasal bridge; Disproportionate tall stature; Dolichocephaly; Downslanted palpebral fissures; Dysplastic gangliocytoma of the cerebellum; Endometrial carcinoma; Enlarged cerebellum; Epibulbar dermoid; Epidermal nevus; Excessive wrinkled skin; Exostoses; Fibroadenoma of the breast; Finger syndactyly; Follicular thyroid carcinoma; Frontal bossing; Furrowed tongue; Generalized hyperkeratosis; Generalized hypotonia; Genu recurvatum; Global developmental delay; Goiter; Gynecomastia; Hamartomatous polyposis; Hand polydactyly; Hashimoto thyroiditis; Headache; Hearing impairment; Hemangioma; Hematochezia; Heterochromia iridis; High palate; Hydrocele testis; Hydrocephalus; Hyperostosis; Hypertelorism; Hyperthyroidism; Hypoglycemia; Hypoplasia of the maxilla; Hypothyroidism; Increased intracranial pressure; Intellectual disability; Intellectual disability, mild; Intention tremor; Intestinal polyposis; Intraocular melanoma; Intussusception; Irregular hyperpigmentation; Joint hypermobility; Juvenile onset; Kyphosis; Lipoma; Long penis; Long philtrum; Lower limb asymmetry; Lymphangioma; Lymphedema; Macrocephaly; Macrodactyly; Macroglossia; Macrotia; Macule; Mandibular prognathia; Melanocytic nevus; Meningioma; Micrognathia; Mucosal telangiectasiae; Multiple cafe-au-lait spots; Multiple lipomas; Myopathy; Myopia; Narrow mouth; Nausea and vomiting; Neoplasm of the breast; Neoplasm of the thyroid gland; Nevus; Non-medullary thyroid carcinoma; Numerous nevi; Obesity; Open bite; Ovarian carcinoma; Ovarian cyst; Ovarian neoplasm; Palmoplantar hyperkeratosis; Palmoplantar keratoderma; Papilloma; Papule; Pectus excavatum; Polymicrogyria; Postnatal growth retardation; Postnatal macrocephaly; Primary peritoneal carcinoma; Progressive macrocephaly; Pseudopapilledema; Pulmonary embolism; Radial club hand; Reduced bone mineral density; Renal hypoplasia; Respiratory failure; Retinal detachment; Round face; Scoliosis; Seizures; Shagreen patch; Short nose; Short stature; Skeletal dysplasia; Skin tags; Squamous cell carcinoma; Stillbirth; Strabismus; Subcutaneous hemorrhage; Subcutaneous lipoma; Subcutaneous nodule; Supernumerary nipple; Thick corpus callosum; Thrombophlebitis; Thyroid adenoma; Thyroiditis; Transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder; Trichilemmoma; Upper limb asymmetry; Varicocele; Vascular skin abnormality; Venous insufficiency; Visceral angiomatosisInflammatory Bowel Disease ; Obesity; VACTERL Association
STK1119p13.3100%gene with protein product602216Abdominal pain; Abnormal pigmentation of the oral mucosa; Abnormality of metabolism/homeostasis; Abnormality of the mouth; Abnormality of the ureter; Autosomal dominant inheritance; Biliary tract abnormality; Breast carcinoma; Clubbing of fingers; Cryptorchidism; Gastrointestinal carcinoma; Gastrointestinal hemorrhage; Gonadal dysgenesis; Gynecomastia; Hamartomatous polyposis; Hypermelanotic macule; Increased level of L-fucose in urine; Intestinal bleeding; Intussusception; Iron deficiency anemia; Multiple lentigines; Nasal polyposis; Neoplasm of the pancreas; Ovarian cyst; Precocious puberty with Sertoli cell tumor; Rectal prolapse; Somatic mutation; Sporadic; Teratoma

The gene coverage data provided by GeneDx represent an estimate based on previous results, but the specific sequencing coverage data for the genes selected may vary from individual to individual, and cannot be predicted exactly. Changes to an approved gene list can only be made by contacting GeneDx directly at 888-729-1206 and asking to speak with a member of our Whole Exome Sequencing Laboratory.


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Suggested Slice IDSuggested Gene List Name
CS-AAAplastic Anemia
CS-AutoImmuneAutoimmune Disorders
CS-BBSBardet-Biedl Syndrome
CS-BMFBone Marrow Failure Syndromes
CS-CVIDCommon Variable Immune Deficiency
CS-CKUTCongenital Kidney and Urinary Tract (CKUT) Anomalies
CS-DSDDisorders of Sex Development
CS-EDEctodermal Dysplasia
CS-FAFanconi Anemia
CS-AnemiaHemolytic Anemia
CS-IBDInflammatory Bowel Disease
CS-MaleInfMale Infertility
CS-WWSMuscular dystropy-dystroglycanopathy (Walker-Warburg)
CS-NephroticNephrotic Syndrome
CS-PPKCIPalmoplantar keratoderma plus congenital ichthyosis
CS-Primary ImmunodefPrimary Immunodeficiency
CS-SRTDShort-Rib Thoracic Dysplasia
CS-WSWaardenburg Syndrome