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Select all: Gene symbolChrAvg % covered at 10xLocus TypeNoteOMIMPrevious symbol(s)Phenotype(s)Slice(s)
FGFR18p11.23100%gene with protein product136350FLT2, KAL22-3 toe syndactyly; Abnormal anterior chamber morphology; Abnormal form of the vertebral bodies; Abnormal morphology of the nasolacrimal system; Abnormality of body height; Abnormality of cardiovascular system morphology; Abnormality of the clavicle; Abnormality of the eyelashes; Abnormality of the nasopharynx; Abnormality of the voice; Absence of pubertal development; Absence of secondary sex characteristics; Absent septum pellucidum; Agenesis of corpus callosum; Alopecia; Anosmia; Anterior hypopituitarism; Anterior pituitary hypoplasia; Anteverted nares; Anxiety; Aphasia; Aplasia/Hypoplasia of the corpus callosum; Aplasia/Hypoplasia of the radius; Aplasia/Hypoplasia of the thumb; Arachnoid cyst; Arnold-Chiari malformation; Atrial septal defect; Autosomal dominant inheritance; Bicoronal synostosis; Bimanual synkinesia; Bone cyst; Bowing of the long bones; Brachycephaly; Brachyturricephaly; Breast hypoplasia; Broad foot; Broad hallux; Broad hallux phalanx; Broad metacarpals; Broad metatarsal; Broad palm; Broad phalanx; Broad thumb; Bronchomalacia; Calcaneonavicular fusion; Capillary hemangiomas; Cartilaginous trachea; Cerebellar hypoplasia; Cerebral calcification; Cerebral cortical atrophy; Choanal atresia; Choanal stenosis; Chordee; Cleft palate; Cleft upper lip; Cloverleaf skull; Corneal opacity; Coronal craniosynostosis; Cortical dysplasia; Craniofacial hyperostosis; Craniosynostosis; Cryptorchidism; Dandy-Walker malformation; Decreased fertility; Decreased testicular size; Decreased testosterone in males; Delayed puberty; Delayed skeletal maturation; Delayed speech and language development; Dental crowding; Depressed nasal bridge; Depressivity; Diabetes insipidus; Downslanted palpebral fissures; Dysphasia; Echolalia; Ectrodactyly; Elbow ankylosis; Encephalocele; Epibulbar dermoid; Epicanthus; Erectile abnormalities; Eunuchoid habitus; Eyelid coloboma; Failure to thrive; Failure to thrive in infancy; Female hypogonadism; Finger syndactyly; Frontal bossing; Global developmental delay; Gonadotropin deficiency; Gynecomastia; Hallux varus; Hemiplegia/hemiparesis; Heterogeneous; High forehead; High palate; Humeroradial synostosis; Hydrocephalus; Hydronephrosis; Hypernatremia; Hypertelorism; Hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism; Hypoplasia of penis; Hypoplasia of the corpus callosum; Hypoplasia of the frontal bone; Hypoplasia of the iris; Hypoplasia of the maxilla; Hypoplasia of the ovary; Hypoplasia of the uterus; Hypoplastic scapulae; Hypoplastic toenails; Hyposmia; Hypospadias; Hypotelorism; Hypothalamic gonadotropin-releasing hormone deficiency; Impotence; Incomplete penetrance; Increased female libido; Increased susceptibility to fractures; Inguinal hernia; Intellectual disability; Intrauterine growth retardation; Iris coloboma; Limb undergrowth; Linear hyperpigmentation; Lipodystrophy; Lipoma; Lipomas of the central neryous system; Lobar holoprosencephaly; Long penis; Long philtrum; Low-set ears; Low-set, posteriorly rotated ears; Lumbar hemivertebrae; Macrocephaly; Malar flattening; Male hypogonadism; Mandibular prognathia; Meckel diverticulum; Microcephaly; Microdontia; Micrognathia; Micropenis; Microphthalmia; Midface retrusion; Multiple lipomas; Multiple unerupted teeth; Muscle stiffness; Mutism; Nasal obstruction; Neonatal hypotonia; Neoplasm of the skeletal system; Nevus flammeus; Non-midline cleft lip; Non-obstructive azoospermia; Nystagmus; Oligodontia; Omphalocele; Osteolysis; Osteopenia; Osteoporosis; Pelvic kidney; Peripheral pulmonary artery stenosis; Platyspondyly; Posteriorly rotated ears; Preauricular skin tag; Primary amenorrhea; Prominent supraorbital ridges; Proptosis; Protruding ear; Pseudoarthrosis; Ptosis; Pulmonary arterial hypertension; Reduced bone mineral density; Reduced number of teeth; Respiratory distress; Respiratory insufficiency; Retinopathy; Rhizomelia; Rigidity; Sclerocornea; Secondary amenorrhea; Seizures; Sensorineural hearing impairment; Septo-optic dysplasia; Severe short stature; Shallow orbits; Short foot; Short hallux; Short metacarpal; Short metatarsal; Short middle phalanx of toe; Short neck; Short nose; Short palm; Short phalanx of finger; Short stature; Shortening of all middle phalanges of the fingers; Somatic mosaicism; Sparse body hair; Spasticity; Split hand; Sporadic; Strabismus; Subcortical cerebral atrophy; Subcutaneous lipoma; Subcutaneous nodule; Subvalvular aortic stenosis; Syndactyly; Synophrys; Telecanthus; Toe syndactyly; Tricuspid valve prolapse; Trigonocephaly; Unerupted tooth; Ventricular septal defect; Ventriculomegaly; Visceral angiomatosis; Visual impairment; Wide intermamillary distance; Wide nasal bridge; Wide nose; XanthomatosisDisorders of Sex Development
HCCSXp22.2100%gene with protein product300056MLSAbnormal cardiac septum morphology; Abnormal facial shape; Abnormal morphology of the nasolacrimal system; Abnormality of metabolism/homeostasis; Abnormality of retinal pigmentation; Abnormality of the eyelashes; Absent septum pellucidum; Agenesis of corpus callosum; Anal atresia; Anophthalmia; Anteriorly placed anus; Arrhythmia; Asymmetric, linear skin defects; Atrial septal defect; Cataract; Chordee; Clitoral hypertrophy; Colpocephaly; Congenital diaphragmatic hernia; Dermal atrophy; Dilated cardiomyopathy; Erythema; Hearing impairment; Histiocytoid cardiomyopathy; Hydrocephalus; Hyperpigmentation of the skin; Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy; Hypopigmented skin patches; Hypoplasia of the uterus; Hypospadias; Iris coloboma; Mandibular aplasia; Microcephaly; Micrognathia; Micropenis; Microphthalmia; Midface retrusion; Overriding aorta; Ovotestis; Pigmentary retinopathy; Retrognathia; Sclerocornea; Seizures; Severe short stature; Short stature; Ventricular septal defect; Vitritis; Wide nasal bridge; Wide nose; X-linked dominant inheritanceDisorders of Sex Development
HOXA137p15.299.57%gene with protein product142959HOX1J, HOX1Abnormal dermatoglyphics; Autosomal dominant inheritance; Bicornuate uterus; Bifid scrotum; Brachydactyly; Chordee; Clinodactyly of the 5th finger; Delayed ossification of carpal bones; Delayed tarsal ossification; Glandular hypospadias; Hallux varus; Hypoplastic fifth toenail; Hypospadias; Longitudinal vaginal septum; Micropenis; Postaxial hand polydactyly; Proximal placement of thumb; Pseudoepiphyses; Recurrent urinary tract infections; Renal insufficiency; Short 1st metacarpal; Short 2nd toe; Short 5th finger; Short distal phalanx of finger; Short first metatarsal; Short hallux; Shortening of all middle phalanges of the fingers; Small thenar eminence; Synostosis of carpal bones; Ulnar deviation of the 2nd finger; Ureteropelvic junction obstruction; Uterus didelphys; Vesicoureteral refluxDisorders of Sex Development
MAP3K15q11.2100%gene with protein product600982MEKK1Abnormal sex determination; Abnormality of the labia; Abnormality of the scrotum; Ambiguous genitalia; Autosomal dominant inheritance; Azoospermia; Chordee; Clitoral hypertrophy; Cryptorchidism; Decreased fertility in females; Decreased serum estradiol; Decreased testicular size; Decreased testosterone in males; Delayed puberty; Dysgerminoma; Elevated circulating follicle stimulating hormone level; Elevated circulating luteinizing hormone level; Female external genitalia in individual with 46,XY karyotype; Gonadal dysgenesis; Gonadoblastoma; Gynecomastia; Hypergonadotropic hypogonadism; Hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism; Hypoplasia of the vagina; Hypospadias; Male infertility; Male pseudohermaphroditism; Micropenis; Osteoporosis; Polycystic ovaries; Primary amenorrhea; Sex reversal; Sparse axillary hair; Sparse pubic hair; Streak ovary; Testicular dysgenesis; Urogenital sinus anomaly; Vanishing testisDisorders of Sex Development
POR7q11.23100%gene with protein product124015Abnormal renal morphology; Abnormal sex determination; Abnormalities of placenta or umbilical cord; Abnormality of abdomen morphology; Abnormality of metabolism/homeostasis; Abnormality of the endocrine system; Abnormality of the labia majora; Abnormality of the menstrual cycle; Abnormality of the pinna; Absence of secondary sex characteristics; Accelerated skeletal maturation; Adrenocorticotropic hormone excess; Adrenogenital syndrome; Ambiguous genitalia; Ambiguous genitalia, female; Ambiguous genitalia, male; Androgen insufficiency; Arachnodactyly; Arnold-Chiari malformation; Atrial septal defect; Autosomal recessive inheritance; Bifid scrotum; Brachycephaly; Bronchomalacia; Camptodactyly; Carpal synostosis; Choanal atresia; Choanal stenosis; Chordee; Clinodactyly; Clitoral hypertrophy; Cloverleaf skull; Conductive hearing impairment; Congenital adrenal hyperplasia; Coronal craniosynostosis; Craniosynostosis; Cryptorchidism; Decreased circulating cortisol level; Decreased fertility in females; Decreased fertility in males; Decreased serum estradiol; Decreased serum testosterone level; Decreased testicular size; Delayed puberty; Delayed skeletal maturation; Depressed nasal bridge; Ectopic adrenal gland; Enlarged polycystic ovaries; Female external genitalia in individual with 46,XY karyotype; Female sexual dysfunction; Femoral bowing; Flexion contracture; Frontal bossing; Fused labia minora; Generalized hyperpigmentation; Hemivertebrae; Horseshoe kidney; Humeroradial synostosis; Hydrocephalus; Hyperpigmented genitalia; Hypertelorism; Hypoplasia of the vagina; Hypoplastic labia majora; Hypospadias; Increased circulating ACTH level; Increased serum testosterone level; Intellectual disability; Joint contracture of the hand; Labial hypoplasia; Lambdoidal craniosynostosis; Laryngomalacia; Long philtrum; Low maternal serum estriol; Low-set ears; Malar flattening; Male pseudohermaphroditism; Maternal virilization in pregnancy; Microcephaly; Micropenis; Midface retrusion; Narrow chest; Narrow pelvis bone; Oligohydramnios; Osteoporosis; Pear-shaped nose; Perineal hypospadias; Polycystic ovaries; Premature adrenarche; Proptosis; Radioulnar synostosis; Rocker bottom foot; Scoliosis; Scrotal hypoplasia; Short stature; Small for gestational age; Stenosis of the external auditory canal; Tall stature; Tarsal synostosis; Ulnar bowing; Upper airway obstruction; Urogenital sinus anomaly; Vaginal atresia; Vesicovaginal fistula; Wide anterior fontanelDisorders of Sex Development; Ectodermal Dysplasia
PTDSS18q22.199.94%gene with protein product612792Abnormal cortical bone morphology; Abnormal morphology of the nasolacrimal system; Abnormality of dental enamel; Abnormality of the dentition; Abnormality of the metacarpal bones; Abnormality of the metaphysis; Agenesis of corpus callosum; Anteriorly placed anus; Aplasia/Hypoplasia of the middle phalanges of the hand; Aplasia/Hypoplasia of the skin; Aplastic clavicles; Autosomal dominant inheritance; Brachydactyly; Broad clavicles; Broad forehead; Broad ribs; Choanal atresia; Choanal stenosis; Chordee; Cryptorchidism; Cutis laxa; Cutis marmorata; Delayed cranial suture closure; Delayed skeletal maturation; Diaphyseal thickening; Elbow ankylosis; Elbow flexion contracture; Epispadias; Facial hyperostosis; Facial palsy; Failure to thrive; Femoral hernia; Finger syndactyly; Flared metaphysis; Frontal bossing; Generalized hypotonia; Global developmental delay; Humeroradial synostosis; Hyperextensibility of the finger joints; Hypertelorism; Hypospadias; Inguinal hernia; Intellectual disability; Intellectual disability, moderate; Intrauterine growth retardation; Joint hyperflexibility; Knee flexion contracture; Lacrimal duct stenosis; Large fontanelles; Macrocephaly; Macrotia; Mandibular prognathia; Microglossia; Micrognathia; Osteopetrosis; Prematurely aged appearance; Progressive sclerosis of skull base; Prominent forehead; Prominent scalp veins; Proximal symphalangism of hands; Redundant skin; Relative macrocephaly; Sensorineural hearing impairment; Severe short stature; Short palm; Short stature; Sparse hair; Specific learning disability; Sporadic; Symphalangism affecting the phalanges of the hand; Syndactyly; Thick vermilion border; Thickened calvaria; Thin skin; Wide mouth

The gene coverage data provided by GeneDx represent an estimate based on previous results, but the specific sequencing coverage data for the genes selected may vary from individual to individual, and cannot be predicted exactly. Changes to an approved gene list can only be made by contacting GeneDx directly at 888-729-1206 and asking to speak with a member of our Whole Exome Sequencing Laboratory.


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Suggested Slice IDSuggested Gene List Name
CS-AAAplastic Anemia
CS-AutoImmuneAutoimmune Disorders
CS-BBSBardet-Biedl Syndrome
CS-BMFBone Marrow Failure Syndromes
CS-CVIDCommon Variable Immune Deficiency
CS-CKUTCongenital Kidney and Urinary Tract (CKUT) Anomalies
CS-DSDDisorders of Sex Development
CS-EDEctodermal Dysplasia
CS-FAFanconi Anemia
CS-AnemiaHemolytic Anemia
CS-IBDInflammatory Bowel Disease
CS-MaleInfMale Infertility
CS-WWSMuscular dystropy-dystroglycanopathy (Walker-Warburg)
CS-NephroticNephrotic Syndrome
CS-PPKCIPalmoplantar keratoderma plus congenital ichthyosis
CS-Primary ImmunodefPrimary Immunodeficiency
CS-SRTDShort-Rib Thoracic Dysplasia
CS-WSWaardenburg Syndrome