Science-minded, patient-focused

At GeneDx, we create, follow, and are informed by cutting-edge science. With over 20 years of expertise in diagnosing rare disorders and diseases, and pioneering work in the identification of new disease-causing genes, our commitment to genetic disease detection, discovery, and diagnosis is based on sound science and is focused on enhancing patient care.
Photo of GeneDx SVP, Chief Technology Officer, Kyle Retterer
Photo of GeneDx SVP, Chief Technology Officer, Kyle Retterer

Genetics is ultimately an information problem, and what sets us apart is our ability to leverage our combined data and expertise to deliver more meaningful results.”


          - KYLE RETTERER

            SVP, Chief Technology Officer

Experts in what matters most

With hundreds of genetic counselors, MD/PhD scientists, and clinical and molecular genomics specialists on staff, we are the industry’s genetic testing experts and proud of it. We share the same goal as healthcare providers, patients, and families: to provide clear, accurate, and meaningful answers we all can trust.

Sequencing has the power to solve diagnostic challenges

From sequencing to reporting and beyond, our technical and clinical experts are providing guidance every step of the way:

Technical Expertise

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High-quality testing

Our laboratory is CLIA certified and CAP accredited and most of our tests are also New York State approved.

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Advanced detection

By interrogating genes for complex variants, we can identify the underlying causes of conditions that may otherwise be missed.


Clinical Expertise

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Thorough analysis

We classify variants according to our custom adaptation of the most recent guidelines. We then leverage our rich internal database for additional interpretation evidence.

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Customized care

Our experts review all test results and write reports in a clear, concise, and personalized way. We also include information for research studies in specific clinical situations.

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Impactful discovery

Our researchers continue working to find answers even after testing is complete. Through both internal research efforts and global collaborations, we have identified and published hundreds of new disease-gene relationships and developed novel tools for genomic data analysis. These efforts ultimately deliver more diagnostic findings to individuals.

For more on our cutting-edge research initiatives, collaborations, and recent disease-causing gene discoveries, visit our Research and Discovery page.

Research and Discovery