Accelerating diagnoses with data

Internally developed with over one million sequenced specimens, our database leads to more diagnostic test results. Combined with our proprietary, state-of-the-art variant identification software, our ability to deliver highly accurate test results is unmatched and makes finding definitive diagnoses, even in complex cases, possible.



More data, more answers

 As the number of new patients we test grows, so does our database. New data increases the potential for greater insights. By comparing new cases against the data from previous cases, we eventually can confirm whether a genetic variant is significant. Once new findings are identified, we proactively reach out to healthcare providers and offer to reanalyze their patients’ previous results. This way, new variant findings lead to more answers for current and previous patients.



Advanced technology with a human touch

Implemented with expert oversight, our advanced interpretation methods incorporate automation, bioinformatics, and machine learning, enabling efficient discovery of genetic differences at previously undetectable levels.

Proprietary secondary and tertiary analysis pipelines

Variant interpretation methods combining smart automation with clinical expertise and internal knowledge bases

Prospective and retrospective data mining