Here, when it matters most

GeneDx offers unsurpassed access to certified genetic counselors and geneticists.

Customer service genetic counselors

Our dedicated customer service genetic counselors serve as the liaison between the healthcare provider, their staff and our laboratory. Well-versed in our extensive testing menu, they provide support by assisting with up front test selection appropriate for the patient’s suspected condition. The customer service genetic counseling team is responsible for test utilization management. The team reviews all test requisitions received at the GeneDx laboratory to eliminate redundant or unnecessary testing. Additionally, this team manages pending cases to ensure that GeneDx meets expected turnaround times and customer request response rates.

Laboratory genetic counselors and geneticists

GeneDx’s laboratory genetic counselors work with PhD-level analysts, clinical molecular geneticists and clinical cytogeneticists to classify variants and prepare the written report. The report includes an explanation of the laboratory findings, a detailed summary of the evidence used to support the variant classification, and a customized clinical interpretation. This team is particularly well-equipped to handle clinical and technical questions that healthcare providers may have prior to or after the release of test results.

Patient genetic counseling support options

MyGeneTeam, LLC, a GeneDx preferred partner, is available to provide genetic counseling to patients and their families regarding laboratory test offerings and results at no additional charge to the patient or their insurance.

MyGeneTeam includes over thirty board-certified/eligible genetic counselors with broad expertise and experience in clinical genetics. Upon request by healthcare providers, MyGeneTeam can provide pre- and post-test patient counseling for a variety of specialties including:

Reproductive genetics

Hereditary cancer


Ophthalmology genetics


Clinical genomics
including clinical exome sequencing and rare disorders

Weekday, weekend, and evening appointments are available and can be conducted via phone or HIPAA-secure video conferencing. Following the consultation, a MyGeneTeam genetic counselor completes the insurance criteria forms as applicable and a consultation summary is sent to the referring provider summarizing the discussion, plan, and recommendations.