Gene and disease expertise matters! Further refinement of variant classifications

This webinar is presented by our clinical lab director, Dr. Lisa Vincent,Ph.D., FACMG, ClinGen Resource Coordinator. The webinar aims to provide:

  • An understanding of the ACMG-AMP criteria usage in variant classification
  • A discussion of the importance of how gene and disease expertise improves and refines variant classification
  • An overview of GeneDx’s dynamic variant classification process and a peek into GeneDx’s curated knowledgebase


MSH6 and PMS2 germ-line pathogenic variants implicated in Lynch syndrome are associated with breast cancer

This webinar is presented by Maegan E.Roberts, Dr. Wendy Chung and Dr. Mary Beth Terry. This webinar focuses on a recent Genetics in Medicine publication that showed a strong association of breast cancer in patients with a pathogenic variant in Lynch syndrome genes.


Clinical Genetic and Genomic Testing for Autism and Related Disorders

This webinar is presented by Rebecca Miller, genetic counselor at Inova Translational Medicine Institute,along with our Managing Director, Dr. Benjamin Solomon and Assistant Director of Neurogenetics, Dr. Tracy Brandt. This webinar covers different diagnostic approaches and GeneDx’s experience in children and families affected with autism, intellectual disabilities, and related disorders.


Improving Diagnostic Yield with Advanced NGS Analysis

This webinar is presented by GeneDx’s Chief Innovation Office, Kyle Retterer, MS and Genomic Consultant, Audra Bettinelli, MS, CGC. The webinar is focused on updates in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and together they cover:

  • Detecting mosaicism with NGS
  • Clinical-Grade detection of Copy Number Variations (CNVs) with NGS
  • Detecting Mobile Elements Insertions (MEIs) with NGS


Improving the Molecular Diagnostic Yield: Using Artificial Intelligence to Deliver Precision Phenomics

This webinar with Kyle Retterer of GeneDx, Inc. and Dekel Gelbman of FDNA, Inc. is focused on GeneDx’s recent advances using artificial intelligence to diagnose complex phenotypes and FDNA’s Face2Gene interface to help providers improve test utilization, diagnosis, and discovery.
Disclaimer: Any statements by Mr. Gelbman are on behalf of FDNA, and GeneDx is not responsible for Mr. Gelbman’s statements, any positions of FDNA, or any of the participant questions or comments.


Exome Sprint Series (February-March 2017)

In celebration of having now sequenced the exomes of over 50,000 individuals, GeneDx invites you to join us for our Exome Sprint Series. This program will consist of three 30 minute webinar presentations followed by question and answer looking behind the scenes of our XomeDx program and what makes it so unique.


Variant Classification Series: Piecing Together the Puzzle: Behind the Sciences of Variant Classification (November 2015)

This program consists of two webinars covering an overview of the GeneDx processes, variant nomenclature, and factors to consider in variant classification as well as a review of the ACMG guidelines and patient cases.