United Health Care (UHC)

As of January 1st, 2020 United Healthcare (UHC) implemented changes to its molecular pathology policy. This policy change will have direct impact on panel test orders. Due to this change, we are recommending a new test ordering sequence for patients with UHC health insurance plans to minimize their costs.


We suggest that genetic testing for BRCA1/2 be ordered as follows for patients who are covered by UHC health insurance:


  1. Order test code B362 on page 3 of the Hereditary Cancer test requisition form (TRF)

  3. If, following a negative or variant of uncertain significance (VUS) BRCA1/2 result, you would like a second test to be completed, check “Reflex to test code” and write in “B749“. Test code B749 is for the GeneDx OncoGeneDx custom panel where any combination of up to 82 hereditary cancer genes may be selected.


  5. On page 4 of the Hereditary Cancer TRF, select the additional genes for the reflex test or, simply write in the test code of another panel and we will reflex to the rest of the genes from that panel.





IMPORTANT NOTE: If reflex testing is ordered, you will receive two separate test results reports. The first test report for test code B362 (BRCA1/2 genes) will be reported 8-10 business days after testing begins. The second test report for the additional genes included with test code B749 will be reported approximately 2 weeks after you receive the B362 test report.

Please reach out to us (1-888-729-1206, zebras@genedx.com) with any questions. We are here to help!