Choroideremia (CHM) is an X-linked progressive degeneration of the photoreceptors, retinal pigment epithelium, and choriocapillaris. Affected males experience night blindness, followed by progressive loss of peripheral vision that becomes more evident by the second and third decade of life leading to tunnel vision and often blindness. The early findings in a male with choroideremia are very similar to those of carrier females. Disruption of the retinal pigment epithelia starts in the mid-periphery. The progressive loss of the choriocapillaris results in the exposure of the choroidal vessels. Female carriers can be identified clinically by the presence of patchy areas of atrophy of the retinal pigment epithelium but show no serious visual impairment.

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  • Confirmation of a clinical diagnosis
  • Development of an appropriate management plan
  • Prenatal diagnosis in families with a defined mutation


3 weeks
2-5 mL Blood - Lavender Top Tube
Buccal Swabs

*Reporting times are typical, but could be extended in situations outside GeneDx's reasonable control.


  • 743.5 Congenital anomalies of posterior segment
  • 362.74 Pigmentary retinal dystrophy, Retinal dystrophy, albipunctate, Retinitis pigmentosa
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