Suggested Custom XomeDxSlice - Disorders of Sex Development (Proband only)

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  • Proband-only analysis of custom gene list (up to 150 genes)

♦ Click Customize to view the suggested gene list, then scroll to the top of the page for instructions to create the gene list and order XomeDxSlice.

♦ Suggested gene lists, tailored to a specific test indication, are reviewed and updated periodically by GeneDx. Certain genes associated with the phenotype may not be included. Ordering providers are encouraged to review the gene list and revise it by adding or subtracting desired genes. Ultimately, the provider is responsible for selecting the appropriate genes based on the patient's phenotype.

  • Next-Gen Sequencing


706 + CS-DSD
8 weeks
2-5 mL Blood - Lavender Top Tube


CPT codes depend on final gene list and are available upon request.
* For price inquiries please email