Prenatal Joubert Syndrome and Related Disorders Panel

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AHI1, ARL13B, B9D1, B9D2, C5orf42, CC2D2A, CEP104, CEP120, CEP290, CEP41, CSPP1, IFT172, INPP5E, KIAA0586, KIF7, MKS1, NPHP1, NPHP3, OFD1, RPGRIP1L, TCTN1, TCTN2, TCTN3, TMEM138, TMEM216, TMEM231, TMEM237, TMEM67, TTC21B.
  • Prenatal imaging findings suggestive of JSRD including molar tooth sign, other structural brain malformations, encephalopcele, renal disease, polydactyl, and cleft/lip palate
  • Next-Gen Sequencing
  • Deletion/Duplication Analysis


3 weeks
20 mL Amniotic Fluid
20 mg CVS | 2 T25 flasks of cultured amniocytes | 2 T25 flasks of cultured chorionic villi | 3 Ug DNA Concentration


81405x1, 81406x1, 81407x1, 81408x1, 81265x1
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