Other Tissue

Non-Standard Tissue Types

Other tissue types containing nucleated cells can often be tested even if not listed on that gene’s Information Sheet. Nevertheless, some tissue types are not recommended and will only be accepted in extraordinary circumstances with prior approval.


For testing of mitochondrial DNA: Tissue biopsies (muscle or liver) are preferred. Please submit ~50mg, frozen within minutes after collection, stored at -80 degrees C and shipped on dry ice with overnight delivery.

Bone Marrow:
1-3 mL fresh sterile bone marrow in EDTA or Sodium Heparin. The anticoagulant should be clearly stated. BONE MARROW must be clearly indicated on the tube and paperwork. Ideal handling is to ship immediately at ambient temperature for overnight delivery with arrival Monday-Saturday, but specimens can be refrigerated for 4 days before shipping. Specimens will be rejected if frozen, hemolyzed or clotted. Specimens older than 5 days can still be shipped; they will be tested if the yield and quality of DNA permit. Prior approval is not required.

Fresh (Unfixed) Solid Tissue from Biopsy or Autopsy including Fetal Demise:
Call first for approval.
Tissues should be those with a high density of nuclei, such as liver, lymph node, lung or skin. The minimum specimen size is a cube 0.5 cm on each side. Flash-freeze and ship frozen on dry ice for overnight arrival on Monday-Saturday. Specimens must arrive frozen. Isolation of usable DNA is not guaranteed.

Leukocytes Fixed for Cytogenetic Analysis: 
NOT RECOMMENDED. Call first for approval.
If approved, mark the tube and paperwork “CAUTION FIXED CELLS”. Isolation of usable DNA is not guaranteed. Ship at ambient temperature overnight.

Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded Solid Tissue or Cell Pellets: NOT ACCEPTED

Ship to:
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Gaithersburg MD 20877
Phone: 1-301-519-2100