Oral Rinse

Oral Rinse Specimen Requirements

Oral rinse (OR) specimens are accepted for certain tests in situations when drawing and shipping blood is impractical. Blood samples in EDTA are always preferred. Testing via oral rinse may cause a delay in the reporting of results in some cases. DNA yield from some specimens may not be sufficient to complete testing. Refer to the test details page or the Alternate Specimen List for test availability.

Exceptions: Oral rinse specimens should not be used after allogeneic bone marrow transplant, since a large fraction of the harvested cells are leukocytes. Please refer to the specific test details page or the Alternative Specimens List to determine if oral rinse can be submitted for the test ordered.
 Kits: Complimentary oral rinse kits are available for US and Canadian clients. Other rinse kits and pure saliva samples are not accepted. To order kits, please visit www.genedx.com/supplies or email zebras@genedx.com.
Safety Data Sheet
Volume: At least 30 mL of Scope oral rinse in a 50 mL centrifuge tube. To view the specimen collection instructions, click here.
Labeling: Label with the patient name, date of birth, and the date of collection.
Stability: Stable at ambient temperature or refrigerated for 10 days after collection. DO NOT FREEZE.
Rejection: Oral rinse specimens will be rejected if submitted for any test for which Oral Rinse is not listed as an alternative specimen, if there is insufficient volume, or if the patient has had an allogeneic bone marrow transplant. In rare cases, the turnaround time can be delayed because of quality of DNA in oral rinse specimens. In those cases, GeneDx may request an additional sample.
Shipping: Ideal handling is to ship immediately at ambient temperature for overnight delivery with arrival Monday-Saturday. Specimens can be refrigerated for 10 days before shipping.

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