Prenatal/POC Specimen Collection and Shipping Instructions

Please call 301-519-2100 or email in advance to discuss prenatal cases.

Click here for prenatal specimen requirements.

Labeling: Label with the patient name plus a second identifier such as date of birth, specimen ID or medical record number. If the tissue source is Products of Conception (POC) state this clearly and state whether the tissue was fetal or placental in origin.
Kits: Complimentary prenatal amnio and CVS/POC kits are available for US and Canadian clients. To order kits, please visit or email 
Safety Data Sheet – Transport Medium for CVS/POC
Stability: Cultures must be topped off with sterile medium immediately before shipping. All specimens, including Placental POCs will be tested for maternal cell contamination (MCC). Send a maternal blood or buccal sample for comparison. Other relatives’ specimens may be required. If the tissue source is products of conception (POC) state this clearly and state whether the tissue was fetal or placental in origin. Placental POC cultures require maternal cell contamination testing and a maternal blood specimen is required for comparison.
Shipping: Ideal handling is to ship immediately at ambient temperature for overnight delivery with arrival Monday-Saturday. In hot weather a cool pack can be enclosed.

Ship to:
207 Perry Parkway
Gaithersburg MD 20877
Phone: 1-301-519-210