Providing answers, faster

GeneDx’s Xpress testing provides accelerated test results for patients in critical condition who are presenting overlapping symptoms or phenotypes. With a 7-day verbal test result and a 14-day written report*, we’re helping deliver answers faster.

Faster test results for informing decisions

When a patient presents with a rapidly deteriorating clinical status, a fast diagnosis has the power to change the direction of medical management, shorten the length of a hospital stay, reduce healthcare costs, and save lives.[1-5]

Our dedicated Xpress clinical team of genetic experts is here to discuss your patient’s case before and after you send in specimens. Email our team at for personalized support.

Up to 58% diagnostic yield for
critically ill neonates [3,6]

>65% genetic diagnoses impact
medical management [7]

Up to 90% of results not found
with panel testing [7,8]

GeneDx Xpress tests include:

Line drawn stopwatch and DNA helix
  • A dedicated clinical team for provider support
  • Assistance with the consenting process
  • Shipping of specimen collection kits to the provider/hospital and directly to parents
  • A trio-based testing approach to increase diagnostic yields and provide inheritance-based reporting
  • Real-time analysis and reporting
  • Verbal report within 7 days*
  • Written test report within 14 days*
  • Phenotype- and inheritance-driven reporting
  • Industry-leading experience supported by a clinical team of genetic experts

* The 7 day timeframe begins after both the patient’s and relative specimens, as appropriate, are received at our laboratory.

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