In order to ensure 2023 billing, testing must be activated before the end of the year, or within 30 days of proband sample collection (if sample was collected in 2023). For Exome, Genome, or Xpanded testing, if you do not expect parental samples to be received in time for testing to be activated with 2023 billing, please contact us at to determine how to proceed.

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Benefits Investigation (BI)

To help patients understand what they may expect to pay out-of-pocket, we offer a Benefits Investigation. This provides an estimate only, and the patient’s insurance determines the final bill.

It’s also important to note that approval or denial of a PA can impact a patient’s final bill, regardless of what estimate a benefits investigation may provide.

Provider and Patient Billing Support

For Providers

We have a team of dedicated Billing Account Managers to support healthcare providers as needed.

For Patients

We have a dedicated billing team that can help answer your patients’ questions so you can focus on what matters most.

GeneDx’s Patient Billing Team can be reached via email at Email allows our team to provide more detailed answers to questions, but if patients are unable to contact us via email, they can call us at (888) 729-1206, dial option 2, repeat 2.

For more details, please visit our Patient Billing page.