Genetic tests are different

While there are many genetic tests available, not all are the same. We provide tests that your healthcare provider can use to make better-informed medical decisions.

Not all genetic tests are created equal

Genetic testing companies offer different options. Some tests evaluate a person’s entire DNA while others specifically evaluate a single gene or set of genes related to a disease or condition. Understanding these tests is essential. At GeneDx, we have a team of genetics experts available to help your healthcare provider choose the most appropriate test for you.

Discussing testING with your healthcare provider

As technology for genetic testing improves, choosing the right test and the right laboratory is important. Genetic laboratories may vary in technologies, test result timing, in-network insurance coverage, and billing policies. At GeneDx, we remain committed to finding genetic diseases using sound science and state-of-the-art tools. Speak to your healthcare provider about genetic test options for you or your child.

Here are some questions to consider asking your healthcare provider:

Mother and daughter talking to a healthcare provider
  1. Would genetic testing be helpful to me?
  2. What test is recommended for me and why?
  3. What will I learn from this test?
  4. How will this impact me and my family?
  5. What won’t I learn from this test?
  6. How long before I get the test results?
  7. What are the chances of finding an answer?
  8. Will I need more tests?
  9. Will you explain the test results?
  10. How much will this cost me?
  11. What’s next?

GeneDx genetic counselors are available to help you and your healthcare provider better understand the answers to these questions.

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Mother and daughter talking to a healthcare provider