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Matthew Davis

Chief Technology & Product Officer

Matthew Davis has more than 20 years of combined experience in enterprise product and technology development, and computer science and genetics academic research. As Chief Technology & Product Officer of GeneDx, Matthew is responsible for the strategy and development of the company’s products and the technology that underpins them, which are critical for delivering precision medicine to patients. He held the same position at Sema4 for the second half of 2022 prior to Sema4 being renamed as GeneDx.

Prior to joining GeneDx, Matthew served as Head of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Data at Invitae, where he led strategy development and supported the engineering organization in the application of AI to problems in genetics, operations, and decision support tools for internal and external customers. He also led the unification of product and technology strategy following key acquisitions made by Invitae.

Previously, Matthew was a group leader at IBM Research where he oversaw the research and development of novel enterprise product platforms and applications to facilitate human interaction with AI systems. During his time at IBM Research, his academic research leveraged methods in AI and machine learning to solve user problems in social computing, personalization, and recommendation systems. Before that, Matthew researched computational and systems biology at UT Austin, UC Berkeley, and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, where he published work in genomics and systems biology with machine learning methods.