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Photo of Gustavo Stolovitzky

Gustavo Stolovitzky

Chief Science officer

Gustavo Stolovitzky is a world-renowned expert in computational biology, disease modeling and nano-biotechnology, with over 25 years of experience in high throughput data analysis for biology and the application of technology to solve biomedical problems.

As Chief Science Officer at GeneDx, Gustavo has a key role in developing the strategic research direction of the company and is responsible for advancing our platform of algorithms to help researchers, health system partners, providers and patients translate the information contained in health data into actionable knowledge. Gustavo held this same role at Sema4 prior to the company being renamed as GeneDx in January 2023.

Gustavo spent 23 years at IBM Research, where he was appointed IBM Fellow, the highest technical honor bestowed by IBM. His most recent role was the Founding Chair of the Exploratory Life Sciences Program at IBM Research and, previously, he was the Director of the Translational Systems Biology and Nanobiotechnology Program. He has authored more than 180 articles, reviews, and book chapters, and holds over 80 granted patents.

He is well known as the founder of the DREAM Challenges, where he nucleated a community of more than 25,000 researchers applying AI to biomedicine and championed the values of open science and data sharing, as well as rigorous evaluation of performance and reproducibility of algorithms. Through the DREAM Challenges and his own research, Gustavo addressed core challenges in biomedical research, with great influence in the areas of biological network inference, cancer genomics, and prediction of treatment response and disease outcome.