Select ACMG 2016 Posters Now Available! | April 13, 2016

This year at the ACMG, we presented 16 poster presentations. To read the selected four complete posters, click on the links below.

Copy Number Variants in Cardiomyopathy-Associated Genes 
Daniela Macaya, PhD, FACMG; Rebecca Latimer, MMSc, CGC; Gabriele Richard, MD, FACMG; Shelley Patrick, MS, CGC; Christian Antolik, PhD, FACMG

Diagnostic Yield From Reanalysis of Whole Exome Sequencing Data
Elizabeth Williams, MS, CGC; Kyle Retterer, MS; Megan Cho, MS, CGC; Gabriele Richard, MD, FACMG; Jane Juusola, PhD, FACMG

Diagnostic Yield of Multi-Gene Panels for Brain Malformation Disorders
Fanggeng Zou, PhD; Tracy Brandt, PhD, FACMG; Anita Shanmugham, MS, CGC; Dianalee McKnight, PhD, FACMG

Yield of Pathogenic/Likely Pathogenic Variants in Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing an Inherited Cancer Panel Based Upon Ethnic Background
Natalie J. Carter, MS, LCGC; Susan Hiraki, MPH, MS, CGC; Lauren Yackowski, MS, CGC; Kristin A. Theobald, MS, LCGC; Patricia D. Murphy, PhD, FACMG; Ying Wang, MBBS, PhD, FACMG; Kathleen S. Hruska, PhD, FACMG; Rachel T. Klein, MS, CGC