GeneDx is here to serve you

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Our history

At GeneDx, we pride ourselves on being the experts in what matters most: Identifying the underlying genetic causes of many of today’s most challenging illnesses. We were founded in 2000 by two scientists from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) determined to address the needs of people with rare disorders and the clinicians treating these conditions.

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Our present

Today, GeneDx has grown into a global industry leader in genomics, having provided testing to patients and their families worldwide. We built our company on sound science, rigorous research, and the belief that guiding patients, families and providers every step of the way is our number one priority.

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Our Future

We also believe genetic answers hold the power to discover, treat, and even cure disease. With our unparalleled genetic testing services and world-renowned genome and exome sequencing program, GeneDx is working to help ensure everyone has the answers they need about their genetic health.

Our values

Clarity in reporting

Simply put, we believe in the power of data to bring insights to people everywhere.

Commitment to meaningful diagnosis

We strive to provide answers when you need them most, no matter the challenges. With the right answers, you and your healthcare provider can develop the right care plan.

Confidence in results

Our CLIA certified and CAP accredited laboratory, combined with our rigorous validations and expertise, means you can trust your results.

Compassion for patients

We work with, support, and help to empower people facing some of the most challenging diseases. That’s why we treat your tests with the same care and consideration we would for the tests of our own friends and family.