Add Another Test

Add-on form


What is an "Add-on Test"?

An add-on test means ordering another test for a person whose specimen is already at GeneDx. In general, for any specimen that has been submitted to GeneDx Inc., additional tests may be ordered at any time.

Ordering an Add-on Test is easy. Just complete and fax in the Add-on Order Form.

Is another specimen is required?

No. In the rare event that the existing specimen is not sufficient for completing additional tests, you will be notified within a week after the add-on order has been received.

What else should be considered when ordering an add-on test?


  1. If ordering physician and/or payment method has changed, please submit a new requisition and payment option form requisition and payment option form, available on our website
  2. For Institutional Billing: Please note that the add-on order MUST include authorization from the party to be billed. Physicians, counselors, and medical professionals, please route your requests through the in-house or local laboratory that initially handled the specimen. For your convenience, use the Add-on Order Form.
  3. Please be aware that the patient is responsible in all cases for fees not covered by the selected payment type.
  4. If you would like to receive an e-mail confirming that we have received your add-on request, please provide your e-mail address in the section indicated on the Add-on Order Form.