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Add Another Test

What is an “Add-on Test”?
An add-on test means ordering another test for a person whose specimen is already at GeneDx. In general, for any specimen that has been submitted to GeneDx, additional tests may be ordered at any time.

How to Order an Add-on Test
Please submit our Add-on form by fax (201-421-2010) or e-mail (
To download the form required, please click on the following link: Add-on form

Details of Test Addition 
What information must be submitted for ordering an additional test?
To add on testing, please include the following information:

Is another specimen is required?
No. In the rare event that the existing specimen is not sufficient for completing additional tests, you will be notified within a week after the add-on order has been received.

What else should be considered when ordering an add-on test?

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