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GeneDx is the leader in delivering clinical genomic answers to an ever-increasing community of patients, families and healthcare providers.
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"Without a doubt, the future of medicine will be personalized. Genetic and genomic testing that provides deeper insights into our health will play a key role in every stage of our lives moving forward — and we’re working hard to build that future."


   Jane juusola, phd, facmg
 GeneDx Vice President, Medical Affairs
   Senior Director, Clinical Genomics

Confidence comes from clear answers

GeneDx’s advanced genetic testing methods uncover complicated disease-causing DNA changes. Our unparalleled database, deep clinical knowledge, and mastery of variant interpretation allows us to turn data into diagnoses. 

Line drawn DNA helix with a healthcare provider headshot

Rapid exome and genome sequencing

When timing is critical, a rapid diagnosis can shorten hospital stays, reduce healthcare costs and save lives.[1-5] Get verbal results with GenomeXpressTM, rapid genome sequencing, and XomeDxXpress, rapid exome sequencing, in 7 days.*

*The 7 day timeframe begins after both the patient’s and relative specimens, as appropriate, are received at our laboratory.

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Repeat expansion analysis for ataxias

About 66% of ataxia cases have a genetic cause.[6,7] Our repeat expansion analysis tests can provide genetic confirmation to guide treatment decisions and help patients plan for the future.

How diagnostic genetic testing works

Healthcare provider reviewing medical history with patient

The healthcare provider gathers medical records and family history for review

Healthcare provider reviewing medical history with patient

The healthcare provider gathers medical records and family history for review

A healthcare provider's hands are ordering a test on a laptop

Healthcare provider orders test

Gloved hands are handling a tube with a DNA swab

A cheek swab, blood, or other specimen collected and sent to GeneDx

A lab technician scans a blood sample tube for genetic testing

GeneDx takes DNA from the specimen, then sequences the DNA looking for changes in the patient's genome. The genetic data is analyzed and interpreted by our technical and clinical staff.

Healthcare provider's hands are holding a clipboard while speaking to a patient

A report is sent to the healthcare provider with the test results

A young female healthcare provider is smiling while talking to a patient

Here whenever you need us

MyGeneTeam, our preferred partner in genetic counseling services, helps you prepare for the genetic testing process and understand genetic results throughout every stage of the diagnostic journey.


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Experience matters

For over 20 years, GeneDx has been at the forefront of genetic innovation, pioneering new technologies and gene discovery, enabling great diagnostic accuracy for patients and families.


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Our team is on your side

At GeneDx, we collaborate with people and organizations involved in academic research, patient advocacy, and biopharma to search for new answers and increase access to clinical genetic testing for patients and their families. Through open communication and a mutual drive, we work with those who share our goal of building a better tomorrow.


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