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A Phenotype-driven Targeted Exome Test… Build your own panel

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(A phenotype-driven targeted exome test)
XomeDxSlice captures and sequences the whole exome, but analysis is targeted to a limited and specific phenotype-driven gene list. The phenotype-driven gene list must be submitted using the XomeDxSlice online submission tool by the ordering provider. Please review the instructions below.XomeDxSlice is best suited for individuals with a clearly defined, oligogenic phenotype where a comprehensive gene panel is not available, or the patient has a single gene disorder for which clinical testing is not currently available.
Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) XomeDxSlice


Other epidermal-expressed genes, genes for rare bullous disorders, and genes of research interest: CD151, CDSN, CHST8, CSTA, DSG1, DSG2, DSG3, DSG4, DSP, DST, EXPH5, FERMT1, GRIP1, ITGA3 , MMP1, NID1, PKP1, TGM5

Congenital Ichthyosis XomeDxSlice

ABCA12, ABHD5, AGPS, ALDH3A2, ALOX12B, ALOXE3, AP1S1, ARSE, CERS3, CLDN1, CYP4F22, EBP, ELOVL4, FLG, GJB2 (Cx26), GJB3 (Cx31), GJB4 (Cx30.3), GJB6 (Cx30), KRT1, KRT10, KRT2, KRT9, LIPN, LOR, NIPAL4 (Ichthyin), PEX7, PHYH, PNPLA1, PNPLA2, POMP, SLC27A4, SNAP29, SPINK5, ST14, STS, TGM1, TGM5, VPS33B, ZMPSTE24

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