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XomeDx Billing Policy

Commercial Insurance
GeneDx accepts all commercial insurance policies. The patient is responsible for only the co-pay, co-insurance and unmet deductible dictated by his or her insurance carrier. GeneDx will perform a benefit investigation and attempt to contact the patient if the patient’s out-of-pocket cost is expected to be greater than $100. GeneDx will review the information and discuss payment plan options. A Financial Assistance Program is available to patients with financial difficulties. If the patient decides to cancel the test, we will contact the physician that ordered the test to get their approval before cancellation. GeneDx provides a compassionate care price as well as a payment plan for patients who are financially challenged. If the patient receives a payment from the insurance company, it is patient’s responsibility to pay GeneDx within 10 days of receipt of that payment. This payment is not eligible for reduction under any financial assistance or compassionate care program. For more information regarding commercial insurance billing at GeneDx, please call us at 888-729-1206 

XomeDxXpress: GeneDx cannot bill insurance companies for genetic testing we perform on inpatients; therefore, we will bill the institution for most cases. An expediting fee will apply. Your GeneDx sales representatives can work with your institution to determine pricing.

XomeDxPrenatal: GeneDx does not currently accept insurance for our XomeDxPrenatal test. Institutional and self-pay billing options are available; please contact GeneDx with any questions.

Institutional bill
GeneDx can bill a referring institution directly if an Institutional Account with GeneDx has been established. This allows the referring physician to submit samples through their facility’s send out laboratory. Establishment of an institutional account is very simple and requires only a phone call from the laboratory administrator to our billing department at 888-729-1206.
GeneDx provides discounted pricing for self-pay patients. For more information, please call us at 888-729-1206.
GeneDx is a Medicare provider and therefore is able to accept Medicare patient samples. A completed Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) is required for Medicare patients.
GeneDx is currently not a Medicaid provider and therefore not able to accept Medicaid patient samples.



If you have questions regarding billing at GeneDx, please do not hesitate to call us at 888-729-1206. Family member testing: GeneDx also offers mutation testing for family members of any patient who has been identified previously by GeneDx to have a gene mutation. For more information, please call one of our genetic counselors at 888-729-1206.

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