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TP53 Gene Sequencing



Clinical Utility:
  • Confirmation of a clinical diagnosis
  • Differentiation between hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome (BRCA1, BRCA2 genes)
  • Identification of family members at-risk to develop cancers related to LFS
  • To determine an appropriate surveillance and treatment protocol
  • Prenatal diagnosis in families with a known mutation
Lab Method:
Capillary Sequencing


Test Code:
Turnaround Time:
4-5 weeks
Preferred Specimen:
2-5 mL Blood - Lavender Top Tube
Alternative Specimen:
Oral Rinse (30-40 mL), Dried Blood Spots


CPT Codes:
New York Approved:
ABN Required:
Billing Information:
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ICD Codes:
  • 194: Malignant neoplasm of other endocrine glands and related structures Excludes: islets of Langerhans (157.4) neuroendocrine tumors (209.00-209.69) ovary (183.0) testis (186.0-186.9) thymus (164.0)
  • 174: Malignant neoplasm of female breast Includes: breast (female) connective tissue soft parts
  • 191: Malignant neoplasm of brain Excludes: cranial nerves (192.0) retrobulbar area (190.1)
  • 171: Malignant neoplasm of connective and other soft tissue Includes: blood vessel bursa fascia fat ligament, except uterine muscle peripheral, sympathetic, and parasympathetic nerves and ganglia synovia tendon (sheath) Excludes: cartilage (of): articular (170.0-170.9) larynx (161.3) nose (160.0) connective tissue: breast (174.0-175.9) internal organs code to malignant neoplasm of the site [e.g., leiomyosarcoma of stomach, 151.9] heart (164.1) uterine ligament (183.4)
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