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SH3BP2 Gene Sequencing



Clinical Utility:
  • Confirmation of a clinical diagnosis
  • To differentiate Cherubism from other disorders with cystic jaw lesions (as described above)
  • Risk assessment
  • Prenatal diagnosis in families with an affected child and known mutation
Lab Method:
Capillary Sequencing


Test Code:
Turnaround Time:
4-5 weeks
Preferred Specimen:
2-5 mL Blood - Lavender Top Tube


CPT Codes:
New York Approved:
ABN Required:
Billing Information:
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ICD Codes:
  • 526.89: Other Cherubism Fibrous dysplasia of jaw(s), Latent bone cyst of jaw(s), Osteoradionecrosis of jaw(s), Unilateral condylar hyperplasia or hypoplasia of mandible
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