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Prenatal DHCR7 Gene Sequencing



Clinical Utility:
  • Full gene sequencing for fetuses with increased 7-DHC levels measured in amniotic fluid or CVS tissue.
  • In the case of ultrasound findings and/or abnormal maternal serum screening suggestive of SLOS and no family history, prenatal measurement of 7-DHC levels is recommended as a first step.
  • Mutation-specific testing for fetuses with a family history of two known DHR7 mutations.
Lab Method:
Capillary Sequencing


Test Code:
Turnaround Time:
2-3 weeks
Preferred Specimen:
20 mL Amniotic Fluid
Alternative Specimen:
20 mg CVS, 2 T25 flasks of cultured amniocytes, 2 T25 flasks of cultured chorionic villi


CPT Codes:
81405x1, 81265x1
New York Approved:
ABN Required:
Billing Information:
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* For ICD9 to ICD10 conversion please follow this link
ICD-9 Codes:
  • 655.83: Other known or suspected fetal abnormality, not elsewhere classified
  • 796.5: Abnormal finding on antenatal screening
  • 655.23: Hereditary disease in family possibly affecting fetus
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