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NEB Exon 55 Deletion



Clinical Utility:
  • Confirmation of clinical diagnosis
  • Determination of inheritance pattern of NM in a new Ashkenazi Jewish patient (a sporadic autosomal dominant ACTA1 mutation versus two inherited nebulin recessive mutations)
  • Carrier testing in unaffected family members
  • Recurrence risk calculation
  • Prenatal diagnosis for couples with known mutations
Lab Method:
Long Range PCR


Test Code:
Turnaround Time:
3-4 weeks
Preferred Specimen:
2-5 mL Blood - Lavender Top Tube


CPT Codes:
New York Approved:
ABN Required:
Billing Information:
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ICD Codes:
  • 359: Congenital hereditary, muscular dystrophy, Benign congenital myopathy, Central core disease, Centronuclear myopathy, Myotubular myopathy, Nemaline body disease
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