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FMR1 CGG Repeat Analysis



Clinical Utility:
  • To differentiate fragile X syndrome from other causes of intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorders
  • Preconception/prenatal carrier testing for women with a personal or family history of fragile X syndrome, unexplained intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorders, or POI
  • Carrier testing for at-risk relatives
Lab Method:
PCR Fragment Analysis


Test Code:
Turnaround Time:
2 weeks
Preferred Specimen:
2-5 mL Blood - Lavender Top Tube


CPT Codes:
81243x1, 81244x1
New York Approved:
ABN Required:
Billing Information:
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* For ICD9 to ICD10 conversion please follow this link
ICD-9 Codes:
  • 315.9: Unspecified delay in development, Developmental disorder NOS, Learning disorder NOS
  • 256.39: Other ovarian failure Delayed menarche Ovarian hypofunction Primary ovarian failure NOS
  • 759.83: Fragile X syndrome
  • 781.3: Lack of coordination Ataxia NOS Muscular incoordination Excludes: ataxic gait (781.2) cerebellar ataxia (334.0-334.9) difficulty in walking (719.7) vertigo NOS (780.4)
  • 299: Autistic disorder [0-1], Childhood autism, Infantile psychosis, Kanner's syndrome
  • 319: Unspecified mental retardation, Mental deficiency NOS, Mental subnormality NOS
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