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Meet Our Experts


Sherri Bale, Ph.D., FACMG
Managing Director, GeneDx
Senior Vice President, BioReference Laboratories


Qais Abu Ali, M.D.
Medical Director
Rhonda Brandon, M.S.
Chief Information Officer

Wendy Chung, M.D., Ph.D., FACMG
Chief Scientific Officer

Dean Gaalaas
Chief Operating Officer
Anne Maddalena, Ph.D., FACMG
Laboratory Director
Gabriele Richard, M.D., FACMG
Chief Medical Officer

Laboratory and Program Directors

Renkui Bai, M.D., Ph.D., FACMG
Director, Mitochondrial Disorder Testing Services
Elizabeth Butler, M.S., C.G.C.
Director, Genetic Counseling Services
Heather Hackworth, PHR-CA
Director, Human Resources
Kathleen Hruska, Ph.D., FACMG
Co-Director, Inherited Cancer
Jane Juusola, Ph.D., FACMG
Director, Whole Exome Sequencing Program
Daniela Macaya, Ph.D., FACMG
Director, Cardiogenetics
Ludmila Matyakhina, Ph.D., FACMG
Director, Cytogenetics
Dianalee McKnight, Ph.D., FACMG
Director, Neurogenetics
Jeanne Meck, Ph.D., FACMG
Director, Prenatal Diagnosis & Cytogenomics
Isabelle Olivos-Glander, Ph.D.
Director, Core Lab
Ellen Pfendner, Ph.D.
Director, Epidermolysis Bullosa Diagnostics Program
Sharon F. Suchy, Ph.D., FACMG
Director, Neurogenetics & Metabolics
Lisa Vincent, PhD, FACMG
Director, Post Graduate Education
ClinGen Resource Coordinator

Associate/Assistant Directors and Senior Management

Christian Antolik, Ph.D., FACMG
Associate Director, Cardiogenetics

Tracy Brandt, Ph.D., FACMG
Assistant Director of Neurogenetics
Federica Gibellini, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Next Generation Sequencing
Amanda Lindy, Ph.D., FACMG
Assistant Director, Neurogenetics
Patricia McAndrew, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Core Lab Operations

Kristin Monaghan, Ph.D., FACMG
Assistant Director, Remote, Whole Exome Sequencing Program

Daniel E. Pineda-Alvarez, M.D., FACMG
Associate Director, Clinical Microarray Services


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